The BFG Opening Today #TheBFG


The BFG, by one of the Worlds Greatest Storytellers Roald Dahl, magically unfolds on the big screen by both Steven Spielberg and Walt Disney.

The opening scenes create heart pounding moments of fear, we quickly learn how The Big Friendly Giant, “The BFG” has a huge heart. The BFG kidnapping little Sophie right from her bed in the orphanage, madeus all gasp. But the fast paced story shows a bond between The BFG and Sophie of love and compassion.

Between Giant Country, Dream Country and Britain Sophie and The BFG work together over coming fears and making the world a better place. Along the way we encounter terrible human bean eating Giants and a very helpful Queen of England. As we laughed so hard tears flowed from our eyes with the “Whizzpopping!”

The BFG opens in theaters today, July 1, 2016. This would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday. Im not sure if this is for very young children, however our family loved The BFG.


*Invited to a preview, no compensation given and all opinions are my own as always.




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