Staycationing on Long Island for the Summer? #EnrichLIves

Join the #EnrichLIves Movement – You Could be the Recipient of a Random Act of Kindness

Bethpage Federal Credit Union has started a pay it forward movement on Long Island. Throughout the summer, Bethpage’s “B Squad”, a group of employee volunteers, is traveling across Long Island, attending community events and organizing random, spontaneous meet ups, to bring random acts of kindness across LI. The #EnrichLIves movement has visited the Marcum Workplace Challenge at Jones Beach, where FitBits and $100 Runner’s Edge gift cards were handed out to encourage Long Islanders to pursue their fitness goals. The B Squad also made their way to the Bethpage Ballpark stadium in Central Islip to give out free ice cream, concession items and souvenirs to Long Island Ducks fans. All Bethpage asks recipients to do is #PayitForwardLI, and enrich the life of someone they know in their community.

Here’s how it works: Follow the B Squad on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @LoveBethpage, and tell them how they can enrich your life, or someone you know deserving of a little help — groceries for a family’s next dinner, or a student who needs textbooks for school, by using the hashtags #EnrichLIves and #PayitForwardLI. Your story can make a difference for someone in need.

So, be on the lookout Long Islanders — the #EnrichLIves movement can make you, or someone you know, the next recipient of a random act of kindness!

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