Imagination Movers are coming to Long Island!


Did you hear the news, no time to snooze, The Imagination Movers are coming to Long Island!

Long Island Mamas recently had the chance to catch up with Rich Collins from the iMovers, to ask him about the band, how it all got started and what we can expect from the Meet The Movers Tour when it rolls into Long Island, April 10th at the Landmark on Main Street in Port Washington.

LiMamas: How long have you guys know each other?
  • RICH COLLINS: The Movers have been friends for decades. Smitty and Scott attended the same middle school in New Orleans. Dave’s wife and my wife were childhood friends. When I moved to New Orleans from Washington, D.C. in 1991, I met all these guys and we socialized together for years before we dreamed up Movers.
LiMamas: How did the band come about?
  • COLLINS: Several of us had little kids right around the same time. We were at a birthday party for Scott’s son when the first conversation about Movers happened. Scott had a friend at the local PBS station and he was talking to her about creating a show. The other three guys joined the effort and an idea was born.
LiMamas: Why kids music?
  • COLLINS: We were fully immersed in that world because of our kids. We said: “You know what the world needs? A kids band that sounds like the Red Hot Chili Peppers.” And then we set about bringing the idea to life.
LiMamas: Please describe each member of the band in ONE word:
  • Rich Collins: Diplomatic
  • Scott Durbin: Visionary
  • Dave Poche: Smart
  • Scott “Smitty” Smith: Brave
LiMamas: Tell us about the 2015 tour, how did it come about?
  • COLLINS: We love performing and we appreciate all the dedicated fans who have made it possible for us to make a living being creative. The “Meet the Movers” tour is all about playing real, live rock n roll and connecting with people who enjoy our music and show. The concert tickets are $25 to make it affordable – and meet-and-greet passes are the same price for the same reason. It’s basically going to be a fun party atmosphere.
LiMamas: What’s the best part about playing live and bringing your music directly to your fans?
  • COLLINS: There’s a real energy and emotional high that comes from using music and passion (and silliness) to entertain a live crowd. It’s a very enjoyable experience. Plus it’s fun to cover everybody in flying  toilet paper …


LiMamas: We’ve read that most of your songs are inspired by your kids at home, so what do your own kids/families think about what you do?
  • COLLINS: Our kids have grown up with Movers. They got to be backstage when we shot the show and wrote the music. They’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. The only negative is that when we play concerts it means we have to be away from each other. That’s hard for all of us.
LiMamas: Since we’re a site for Long Island mom’s – we have to ask, What do your own moms think about what you guys do?
  • COLLINS: Ha. They’re proud of their little boys, of course. My mom has her master’s degree in theater and she’s an accomplished dancer, so she’s definitely enjoyed all the showbiz highlights in our career. Since she lives in Washington, D.C., it was fun taking her with us when we performed at the White House a few years ago.
LiMamas: Would your moms say growing up you were destined to be performers?
  • COLLINS: In my case, I think yes. My parents were actually surprised when I spent all of my 20s working in newspapers. It seemed like a detour.
 LiMamas: Any chance the show will be returning to TV?
  • COLLINS: We’re hard at work developing a new animated TV series called “Super Movers” with 9 Story Media Group, which is responsible for “Wild Kratts” and other cool shows.
 LiMamas: And whatever happened to Warehouse Mouse?  
  •  COLLINS: He ate too much cheese and is sleeping it off back at the Warehouse.

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