Hypnobabies: A Natural Childbirth Option

pregnant-244662_640Whether your first or your fifth pregnancy, preparing for childbirth can be an overwhelming, albeit exciting, prospect.

Today, women are fortunate to have a variety of classes, resources, and information available to them regarding all things perinatal.

For women interested in natural childbirth, there are a few classes that have been around for a while. Among them, Lamaze and Bradley classes are probably the most well known.

However, a relatively new method of childbirth preparation is called Hypnobabies, and it takes a unique approach to natural childbirth education.

Hypnobabies teaches expectant mothers the method of “hypnotic childbirth”, which essentially means utilizing hypno-anesthesia to cultivate a calm state of relaxation during pregnancy and delivery. The idea is to reduce the “fear-tension-pain” cycle that many women experience during childbirth. Simply put, the thought is that relaxing your mind means relaxing your body, a reduction in tension, and less pain.

However, there is more to the method than just teaching relaxation and visualization techniques. Hypnobabies is different from other classes in that it actually incorporates the teaching of medical hypnosis techniques. Incredibly, this sort of hypnosis is actually used by individuals who cannot use anesthesia during surgeries (for example, due to life threatening allergies). Hypnobabies also focuses on “eyes open childbirth hypnosis”, which means that women are taught techniques that they can use while moving around into different positions, which research has shown is more conducive to a successful natural delivery. In fact, mothers can even talk and interact with others while in hypnosis.

Research supports the benefits of using hypnosis during childbirth, which can include shorter labors, less need for pain medication, and fewer medical interventions for both mother and baby.

Interested in finding out more information about Hypnobabies?  You can access their website to learn more about the method, its benefits, and study options.

For more information about Hypnobabies resources in the Long Island area, visit: http://www.hypnobabieslongisland.com/

If you are interested in using a doula, a trained (nonmedical) professional who provides support to families before, during, and after delivery, you can also access a list of certified hypno-doulas, who have additional training in these childbirth hypnosis methods, on this directory.

Here is a list of contact information for some Long Island Hypnobabies instructors:

slide1-fa3eb781c0Congratulations to all the expectant mothers out there…let us know if you are a “Hypno-Mom”!

By: Nicole Vidiri Silva
Photos Courtesy of: hypnobabies.com, en.wikipedia.org, pixabay.com


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