Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids‏

Valentine's_day_M&Ms_in_the_shape_of_a_heart_(8418026760)Valentine’s Day is just days away; and while it’s fun to go out and shop for candy, cards, and gifts, we all know that the most heartfelt Valentine’s Day gifts are the ones handmade with love.

These crafts are easy for the little ones to do, and look  beautiful when done. PLUS, crafting with the kids is a great way to keep them warm (& occupied) during the cold winter nights. So get ready to put a smile on grandma’s face, your child’s teacher, or make some room on the fridge and keep them for yourself…no matter the lucky recipient, everyone will have fun!

5394150401_7a28057629The Long Island Mamas are big fans of letting kids get messy! Which is why we love the idea for this adorable handprint Valentine…all you need is some red (or pink!) paint! Let the kids paint their hands and form a lovely little heart with their handprints!

Valentine6Or what about using scrapbook paper (or colored construction paper) to make a heart wreath with your kids!  Wouldn’t this look lovely hanging on your front door to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

IMGP1819+cSince candy really does play a big part of celebrating Valentine’s Day, let your little ones have fun with some Candy Conversation Hearts.  Simply, draw a heart of glue on the paper and let your little one glue on the candy hearts…it looks so sweet (pun intended!).

18372915020Lastly, don’t forget to wish your child’s teacher a happy Valentine’s Day! We love this adorable pencil heart craft…guaranteed to perk up any teacher’s desk!


By: Olivia Howell

Photo credit: Rosy~Posy, The Hybrid Chick, The Gunny Sack,


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