Meet a Mom: Amanda Nesis of Oyster Bay

spoon1When Oyster Bay mom, Amanda Nesis, started making her own baby food for her little ones, she quickly realized what a time consuming endevor it actually was; and with three kids, five fish, and one dog in the house, like many others moms, every minute counts!

BUT as time consuming as the process actually was, she set out to create a line of baby food which was fresh, pure, honest, and organic; something she could truly stand behind and even share with other moms.

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What came out of Amanda’s passion is her company, Spoonfed; created in her Oyster Bay home, it is now reaching various retail locations all over Long Island!

Upon deciding to start a business, Amanda says she talked to anyone she could about the business world.  The road to starting Spoonfed wasn’t easy, as she quickly realized that it’s virtually impossible to start a business and be a mom at the same time!  She says, “I have realized it is unrealistic to do it all. So I let go of what matters less in the grand scheme of things. I carve out time for me because we all know that if Mama’s not happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

However, she persevered, and in the summer of 2014 started bringing Spoonfed to local Farmer’s Markets. Moms and dads loved the product because Amanda only creates the highest quality baby food! Her recipes are simple, yet delicious, always organic, and…saves time for busy parents during mealtime!

spoon2Spoonfed baby food is truly unique because it is made 100% fresh, and goes right from their kitchen to yours. Amanda’s flavors such as sweet potato, strawberry applesauce, pear parsnip, blueberry banana quinoa, as well as all of her yogurts, are packaged in clear containers (jars and pouches), which makes for easy storage, visibility of the food, and they are ready to be eaten on the go!

Spoonfed can be found at the Huntington Farmer’s Market, Southdown Coffee, and has a wonderful delivery service! You place your order via email, and they have a local pick up location, or can deliver to you once a week, which is perfect for those parents who long to make their own food but simply just don’t have the time!

Though Amanda doesn’t get out much, with a business to run and three kids, she enjoys yoga, nature walks, and awesome dance parties with her kids. She loves living and working on Long Island because she feels that everyone is very straightforward, and doesn’t pull any punches!

Amanda is truly an inspirational business woman and mama, and when asked what advice she would give other moms trying to start a business, she said, “You can do it!! Cultivate a support group for yourself of people who know you have what it takes and are willing to get their hands dirty when you need some help. Give yourself permission to pursue your own goals even if it means more time away from your kids. The incredible benefits they get from seeing their mom pursue her dreams is beyond any lesson you can teach them with words! Go for it mamas!”

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