Our picks for Date Night Restaurants

4677178005_50af62f5feCouples are irrevocably changed by parenthood. Their time and energy are redistributed to other things, and romance often gets pushed aside for later or forgotten altogether.

We all know it’s important to make time to reconnect with a partner, and a dinner out (alone!) can recharge a relationship; so even if you do end up spending the night talking about the kids, at least they won’t be there!

The Long Island Mamas writers, are sharing their favorite “date night” restaurants on Long Island.

So now, we’ve done our part it’s time for you to do yours. Go get glammed up, hire a sitter and start planning for the weekend, or the weekend after that, or even next month, OR for whenever you both have a day off at the same time…just don’t forget about it!’





  • Kotobuki, with 3 locations on Long Island in Babylon Village, Happauge, & Roslyn
  • Mizuno, 2849 Jerusalem Avenue, Wantagh — (516) 785-0036
  • Monsoon, 48 Deer Park Avenue, Babylon Village — (631)587- 4400




By Rachel Minkowsky


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