Activities for Surviving “Cabin Fever”

Be it heavy rains, sizzling summers, or even blizzard white-outs, weather on Long Island can be a bit unpredictable. And when going outside is not an option, as parents we often have to come up with activities to help the kids (and ourselves) from going “stir-crazy”.

file_78582So when it comes to keeping the kids entertained and surviving cabin fever, here are some of your GO-TO activities:

  • watching movies
  • reading
  • coloring
  • baking
  • having dance parties
  • arts and crafts
  • board games
  • video games
  • doing puzzles
  • moon sand
  • painting
  • pulling out “special” toys from the closet
  • bubble bath with washable crayons & paint
  • setting up an indoor bounce house!

AND if you’re looking for more keep reading to discover some additional creative and easy activities for the kids for when you are stuck indoors!

arts-and-crafts-for-kids-12For toddlers:

  • Big box coloring – Pretty simple, take a big box and some crayons and get ready for hours of fun! Bonus if you have many boxes and can make a castle out of them!
  • Color sorting games – There are many different ways you can have your child practice sorting colors. Use pom poms, pipe cleaners, even toys you have around the house! Sort them into different cups, large bowls, or even laundry baskets!
  • Foam pieces – If you have a glass door in your house, this one is for you! Have your child dip colorful pieces of foam in water, and then stick them on the glass.
  • Pipe-cleaner poke – Have your child stick pipe cleaners in the holes of the colander.
  • Stacking cups – Make a run to the dollar store to be prepared for this one. Pick up a bag of smaller colorful plastic cups and let them go to town stacking them over and over again!

170881893For kids:

  • Indoor scavenger hunt – Make a list of some items you have around the house. Try including items such as, a sock, a ball, a marshmallow, a yellow crayon, a rubber duck, and your favorite book. Or you can have them “find something that is _________ (red, smelly, sticky, round, smooth, bumpy, small, sparkly, soft, hard, etc).”
  • Letter game – Using your magnetic easel, draw a square in the middle. Then, instruct your child to fill them with a particular magnetic letter.
  • Pom pom blowing – Stack pom poms on the floor and let you kids try to knock them over by blowing through a straw.
  • Recyclable bowling – Turn you recyclable plastic bottles (or even cans) into a fun bowling game for the whole family.


By: Shannon Ofsharick

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