Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve as a Family


Whether you’re celebrating the New Year at home with the kids in your pajamas and ordering takeout, or venturing out as a family, there are so many options for ringing in the New Year on Long Island!

GOING OUT with the kids? We’ve found some fun family friendly New Year’s Eve celebrations!

WEDNESDAY, 12/31: 

STAYING IN to have a cozy New Year’s Eve home with the family? Here are some activities to keep everyone involved up until the ball drops (or bed time!).

  • Have 5 or so balloons and fill each one with a different activity you can do in your home (a relay race, bake and decorate cookies, play BINGO). On each balloon, write a different time (7pm, 8pm, 9pm, and so on). Pop the balloon at that time and complete the activity inside!
  • Create a time capsule! Include any little items, pictures, and notes for you to open next year or even five years from now!
  • Have your kids create their own noisemakers by filling plastic water bottles with rice or lentils and covering the bottles with colored paper, glitter and other decorations.
  • It wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve without silly hats, so have the kids make their own by using leftover wrapping paper, ribbons, cardboard, paper plates and other materials.
  • If your Christmas tree is still up, turn it into a Resolution Tree — have the kids write resolutions on small note cards. Suggest family goals like eating healthy, exercising more and arguing less. Leave the lights on the tree and tie the note cards on the branches with bits of blue ribbon to usher in the New Year.
  • Don’t forget to have a special drink for the kids to ring in the New Year with! Try sparkling cider in special cups with fun, festive straws!

Hope you all have a wonderful, fun-filled, healthy New Year!



By: Shannon Ofsharick

Photo credit: PopSugar.com & christmasstockimages.com

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