Meet Local, Long Island Author: Jack Batcher


We love keeping it local!

Even more so, we love profiling Long Islanders; and though most of the time our focus is on moms, today we’re proud to feature local, homegrown, children’s book author Jack Batcher of Great River.

This Brentwood High School graduate, says he’s always loved to write…“When I was a kid I used to make my own books out of construction paper”.   However, when he started college it was to become a music teacher, that was until he found himself drawn towards his creative writing classes. 

With titles like Burnt Eggs and Scrambled Toast & Are there Monsters in My Closet? Jack keeps things light hearted. He hopes kids will love to read his books and most of all, just be entertained by them.

He also has a line of joke/coloring books called: Silly Cow!, Silly Halloween!, and Silly Kitty! 

Filled with jokes such as: 

  • What type of company does a cow own?  A MOO-ving company 
  • What is a monsters favorite holiday?  Halloween!
  • What’s a cats favorite color?  Purr-ple

–it’s easy to see why his books would have such “kid appeal”.  PLUS, add on the fact that they are coloring books as well, as let’s just say instant hit!

We also love the fact that Jack’s illustrators are ALSO from Long Island; Charles Berton from Coram and Kevin Stockton (whom he has known since Junior HS in Brentwood) from Ronkonkoma.

We asked Jack was the best part about his “job” was and he said: “ALL OF IT! I love the creative process, but from the beginning stages to the finished product, the book readings and signings even the advertising is awesome! It’s something I get to do and I am grateful to do.”  He went on to say:  “I’m following what I am passionate about, and I believe will be a long and rewarding career.”

Before becoming an author Jack worked at Suffolk Community College (in the Counseling Center),taught guitar at Gil Brienes Music store in Deer Park, and was also a cutter in a plastics factory.

When asked about what advise he has for Long Island moms OR dads who want to get their books published, Jack said: “Do it now! Follow your passion!” 

…and for his passion, and so much more, the Long Island Mamas says keep up the great work Jack Batcher, we can’t wait to see what’s next from you!

You can find Jack on Facebook:

Twitter: @jackbatcher

Website –

Amazon Author Page – 

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