Getting the “Perfect” Picture

camera phoneEvery parent with a camera phone takes pictures of their kids, but taking quality pictures usually requires more than that.  We asked professional photographers from around the island to share tips with the Long Island Mamas Network on how to get the BEST pictures…

SO, check out their advice and give it a “shot”!

Be Prepared: Keep a Camera on Hand:  Great pictures can pop up out of nowhere. Make sure you have extra batteries and other camera accessories are also useful to have on hand, possibly even a tripod.

Use Natural Light: Whenever possible use natural light. If you can’t go outdoors, being near a window or doorway works well too. Avoid using a flash if possible, the flash sometime gives a harsh look.

Know Your Kids: If you’re trying to get that perfect picture for the holidays, make sure everyone is well rested and not hungry. Allow plenty of time, and set a day aside with nothing else on the schedule. Also it might be helpful to have your child’s favorite toy on hand, it will help to relax them, and might even make the photo more meaningful.

Location, location, location: Shoot at a familiar and comfortable place, the backyard, a favorite park, your own home.

Routine Photos are Beautiful:  Even though you think “posed” shots make “better” pictures, that isn’t always the case. Spontaneous, candid shots often look the best. Try catching your kids doing everyday things like playtime or cooking a meal… believe it or not, they can make for the most meaningful photographs.

Shoot From Different Perspectives: Take close-ups. Stand on a chair and get an aerial view. Shoot at eye-level. Get action shots and portraits. Mixing it up keeps a photo album interesting. And don’t forget the details, a close-up of holding hands, or the baby’s foot.

Don’t get discouraged: If you can’t get everyone to cooperate in one shot (which can easily be the case with kids of different ages), take individual shots, that can be used in a collage format.

Clothing:  Coordinate outfits, but don’t match. Find a basic color palette, and then accessorize. Add a pop of color to neutral clothes. Wear what is comfortable. Avoid busy patterns, logos, or shirts with pictures that will draw attention away from the face.

Take LOTS of Photos:  The chances of taking a perfect shot increase with the amount of pictures taken. Don’t stop and review a photo after each shot, kids will take the down time to run off. Review your work when everyone needs a break. 

 By: Rachel Presner, Kim Como, & Jennie Eckhaus-Katz

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