Gifts for New Parents


Bringing a new baby home from the hospital is often overwhelming for the new parents. Filled with feedings, diapers, and many sleepless nights, new parenthood is somewhat like being a hamster on a wheel!  And while it can be a bit much to socialize right away, dropping off a gift for the new mommy and daddy can be very appreciated and remind the new parents that they matter too!

Here’s a list of some of our favorite simple gifts:

  • HELP OUT: If the new parents don’t mind some company, come over and help throw some laundry in, do some dishes, or hold the baby while mom showers. Sometimes infants sleep long stretches, so perhaps your mom friend would appreciate some chit-chat during naptime, or, watch the baby so the parents can lie down for a few precious minutes.
  • NEW MUGS:  With many sleepless nights, many new parents rely heavily on coffee to get them through the days. A new pretty mug makes that third cup of coffee before 9AM seem just a little more pleasurable. Check out the Clipper Ship Tea Company in Northport for adorable mugs which could easily double as a gift for a new parent. Value Drugs in Greenlawn and Huntington has a plethora of spill proof mugs to choose from; while they may not be the cutest designs, they are very practical for new parents who often only have one hand in use!
  • COFFEE & TEA:  Speaking of coffee and tea, why not show up and drop off some gourmet coffee or tea for the new parents? Southdown Coffee in Huntington has fresh roasted beans for sale. Sip Tea Lounge, also in Huntington, has an array of teas in case the new mom is breastfeeding and doesn’t want caffeine; or try DAVIDsTEA at Roosevelt Field Mall.
  • SOAP:  Yes, soap! Sometimes the only break a new parent gets is in the shower! Why not pamper the new parent with a new bar of amazingly scented soap? Check out Scentsational in Huntington for an array of flowery and fun smelling soaps.
  • MAGAZINES: A new parent may want to stretch their brain a little, but doesn’t have the time to begin a new book. Bring over a stack of magazines which the parents can leaf through as they wait for the baby to wake up, or finish eating. Book Revue in Huntington Village has a wide assortment of magazines, literary journals, and quick reads.
  • SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE:  How about a gift of a little entertainment? Give them a few months worth of Netflix or Hulu, so that they can watch movies and television shows from their computer or in bed! Are they more of a book lover? Check out Oyster Books to rent e-books, or Audible for audio-books.
  • SEND IN THE CREW: If they don’t mind, send a cleaning service over to a new parent’s house to do the bathrooms, sweep the floors, and take care of all the dirty work! Long Island’s own Teresa’s Family Cleaning Service will come over and make the house look as brand new as the baby!
  • BLANKETS: What’s better than cuddling up on the couch or bed with a sweet smelling new baby? Bring over a new blanket, for the parents, not the baby! They will love making memories with their new blankie and wrapping their new family up in it!




WE WANT TO KNOW, what was the BEST thing someone did for you as a new parent?

 A gift? A service? A night out? 

Be sure to share your new parent gifts with us here, on Facebook OR on Twitter!  

AND we’d love to see pictures of your little ones too!

By: Olivia Howell

Photo Credit: Kim Como, flick

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