One Pot Meals for Busy Moms‏


Now that school is back in session, the days are busier, the nights feel even more rushed, and it’s tempting to swing by a drive-through to pick up food for the kids. But rest assured, there are easier and healthier ways to get dinner on the table!

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite one-pot recipes; that means one pot to cook in, and therefore, only one pot to clean!

The best part, many of these recipes can be made the night before, put in the fridge, and popped onto the stove as soon as you and the kids walk in the door.

So clean out those pots and put some of these great recipes to the test; and don’t forget to tell us how they came out! Be sure to share pictures of these #1PotMeal recipes (OR your own #1PotMeal recipes) with us!  Happy #1PotCooking!


Chicken & Potatoes from Let The Baking Begin is as classic as you can get. It’s healthy, as it contains whole, clean food, and it’s a complete meal in one: protein, veggies, and starch. Want to make this even faster? Prep the carrots and potatoes the night before so you can simply dump them into the pan! This is a great meal for a crowd, as bone-in chicken is often cheaper. Happy Farms in Huntington has hand picked fresh vegetables daily in their store.

mexican-chicken-and-riceMexican Chicken and Rice from Yellow Bliss Road is another go-to recipe, as most people probably have all of these ingredients in the house already. It’s a simple recipe, yet flavorful and kicks the dinner flavor up a notch! Because it includes frozen vegetables, you don’t have to worry about having fresh veggies in the house for your kids to get their serving of green for the day; and you can get an assortment of organic frozen vegetables at Wild By Nature, with stores in East Setauket, Hampton Bays, Huntington, Oceanside and West Islip.

Some nights it’s easier to order Chinese, but it can be so expensive! Check out this chicbroc2recipe for Cashew Chicken and Broccoli. Again, you probably already have all the ingredients in the house, and you can rest assured that your children are eating a healthy dinner, full of broccoli, chicken, and if you serve it over rice, a healthy starch. Since you have most of the ingredients already, this meal is not only easy to make and clean up, but very cost efficient, too! You can pick up bulk cashews at Fairway Market, with locations in Lake Grove, Plainview and Westbury.

cajun-chicken-pasta-skillet-12If your family is craving a flavorful and creamy pasta dish, than the Cajun Chicken Pasta Skillet from Creme de la Crumb is the perfect meal for your busy family. If you opt to use store bought cajun seasoning, this meal will come together in no time, and will serve up lots of taste! Southdown Market in Huntington and Northport has a variety of spices to choose from for your cajun meal.

baconLastly, The One Pot Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole from Closet Cooking is not only mouth-watering, but like a cheeseburger, is guaranteed to be a kid favorite!

By: Olivia Howell

Photo Credit: Let The Baking Begin, Yellow Bliss Road, Cooking, Raining Hot Coupons, Creme de la Crumb, & Closet Cooking

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