Cooling Off on Long Island

WhitePostThe summers can get pretty warm on Long Island. Heading to the beach or local pool can help cool everyone down, but it can get repetitive after a while and it might bring on the dreaded “B-word”…you know, “Mom, I’m BORED”!

So, if you need new ways on how to beat the heat, check out some of these ideas!  Your kiddos will enjoy the rest of summer and think you’re a pretty “cool” mom!

Places to Cool Off    During the months of July and August, the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery offers Wacky Water Wednesdays. Your child can have fun cooling off going through sprinklers and with bubbles.   On certain days of the summer months, White Post Farms has wet bouncers to help beat the heat in an exciting way. Visit their website and sign up to receive coupons via email.   Hatchery2

OR why not try something a little different and check out a water-play park? Several interactive water-play parks are located across Long Island including Blumenfeld Family ParkHoyts Farm, Tanner Park, Venetian Shores Park, Shipwreck CovePhelps Lane Pool and Cantiague Park.

And if you want to think a little bit “outside of the box” – how about cooling off the little ones at home & having some fun with ice? Why not try some of these ice-xciting ideas!

IceExcavating Ice  (from Jennifer Perkins)   Who knew trying to get items out of a block of ice could be so much fun?! This fun activity is simple to make and can entertain your little one(s) for a while.

DIRECTIONS:  Simply fill a container with some water, food dye (optional), and some plastic toys. It’s best to freeze in layers so that there will be items at different spots.  Once you have a frozen block of ice with toys inside, let your little one(s) try to get them out with items like a squirt bottle, shovel, toy hammer, etc. and enjoy!

ice chalk 8


Ice Chalk  (from Reading Confetti )  Ice Chalk is a great activity to do with the little ones during the summer. Not only is it fun and messy (which kids love), but it is also an art, science, and sensory experience as well! As a side note, the chalk drawings do not show up well when still wet, but once it dries, the drawings become darker.

DIRECTIONS:  To make Ice Chalk, mix half cornstarch with half water. Add the food coloring of your choice. Dish soap is optional, but it does tend to make clean up easier. Once the mixture is made, pour into molds and freeze. When the Ice Chalk is ready, let your little one(s) be creative and have fun!

(*Important: This is a very messy activity and some food colors will stain hands and clothes.)



By: Janet Brandsema

Photo credit:  White Post Farms, Reading Confettie, Jennifer Perkins, Janet Brandsema

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