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watermelon_310Ok, we admit it, we’re addicted to Pinterest; and with so many fun and easy ideas, what better way to find out what’s “hot” when it comes to summer foods?

Long Island Mamas writer Tara Arichabala took to the social media tool with one goal, find delicious summer food and snack recipes; and what she found will have your mouth watering!  From all natural lemonade without all the extra sugar to great tasting, fruit smoothies, from ice pops to easy, homemade ice cream; there are so many things to try….what are you waiting for?   (And don’t forget to Tweet OR Facebook us with pictures of your summer treats!) 


Summer Drinks  This Healthy Lemonade makes the perfect thirst quencher on a hot summer day.This recipe omits the white sugar and replaces it with coconut nectar, coconut sugar or honey.  This does take some preparation but it is well worth the effort.

On a hot day a glass of this Homemade Fruity Flavored Milk will be sure to hit the spot.  Made with milk, a handful a fresh fruit and sugar (optional) this is a quick and easy summer treat.

bears-a-300x300 Summer Snacks   Summer days mean you often find yourself in the sun and on the beaches. These Beach Cupcakes are a fun addition to your families beach outing. Use Teddy Grahams, Lifesavers, Goldfish and more to make some amazing beach designs.

If your kids are like mine, you find yourself adding them in without them knowing wherever possible.  I can’t wait to try these Berry Veggie Smoothie Ice Pops out on them!!!  Sneaky, sneaky… shh don’t tell. This recipe does not involve chopping up vegetable so there are no green chunks for the kids to find, rather the veggies come from Naked Berry Veggie juice. A perfect treat to cool you off!

Summer days and ice pops go hand in hand.  Here is another delicious ice pop recipe to try with the kids. These Watermelon Limeade Pops are sure to be a hit. The kids will enjoy making them using Dixie Cups for the perfect child sized treat.    Watermelon-Mojito-Endless-Simmer-379x500

For Adults Only    We can’t let the kids have all the fun this summer!  Try these delicious Watermelon Mojito Ice Pops. Be sure to check out the Endless Simmer website for many more alcoholic ice pop recipes.

luckycharmIce Cream  You can even make your own ice cream sandwiches – but how about using Lucky Charm cereal instead of cookies!  And be sure to use local, Long Island ice cream shops for your ice cream– they can help turn Pinterest “dreams” into your summer food reality!   Including:  McNulty’s Ice Cream Parlor 153 N Country Rd, Miller Place, Phone #:(631) 474-3543  —  Hildebrandt’s  Where: 84 Hillside Ave, Williston Park, Phone #: (516) 741-0608 — Sweet Sensations 36 E Main St, Babylon, Phone #: (631) 893-0350

Written by: Tara Arichabala

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