Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle for the Family

1Many Long Island families are trying hard to create a healthy lifestyle. Doing so is much more than just a diet or exercise plan. While a diet is short-termed, a healthy lifestyle is ongoing. Therefore it’s best to make changes slowly so the process is not overwhelming.  Here are some tips for a healthier lifestyle for the family. C




Chiropractic Adjustments and Holistic Healthcare
Many families are adding chiropractic and holistic methods to their lifestyles to incorporate preventative measures for natural health care solutions. We’ve highlight a couple places below. Click on the headers below to be brought to their corresponding websites for more information.

Advanced Holistic Healthcare
This office provides comprehensive health care and uses natural alternatives, chiropractic care and massage as just a few of their treatment and preventative care methods.
Where: 901 Stewart Ave, Ste 285, Garden City, NY and J325 North Broadway, Jericho, NY
Contact info: Garden City (516) 742-5715, Jericho (516) 433-8720

The Joint
Get a consultation, exam and adjustment for only $19 by taking advantage of their introductory offer. It’s also less expensive this way than than most co-pays and no appointment is needed.
Where: 385-3 Route 25A,Miller Place, NY
Contact info: (631) 983-2005


Drink your Water!
The human body benefits greatly from water. After all, it’s more than half water. According to WebMD, water is needed to stay hydrated. It helps people to feel full and therefore eat less calories. Water energizes muscles and keeps skin healthy and looking good. It also helps flush out kidneys and much more.

Take a trip to one of Phountains convenient locations on Long Island.  Here you can purchase alkaline water which is great for neutralizing the pH in the body.  Phountain also offers a water delivery service as well. Stores are located in Commack, East Islip, Huntington Village, Massepequa Park, Port Jefferson Village, Sayville and Smithtown.

bikeExercise Together
Whether is be a short walk after dinner, family hikes, outside play, bike riding, playing sports or any activity the family enjoys, set an example by exercising together on a regular basis. Staying active is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Some gyms such as Crossfit and World Gym offer classes just for kids.

Here are some articles by Long Island Mamas to help you find an activity for your family.
Local Gyms on Long Island

Where to Hike in Suffolk County

Great Places to Bike in Long Island

girl eating appleHealthy Eating
Eat as healthy as possible every day. You can still treat yourself on those special occasions. It is important to be consistent. Research and talk about why we choose to eat certain things and avoid others with kids. Let them feel as though they are helping with the decisions, and they will be more likely to stick to a healthy lifestyle as they grow up.  If you have the space, plant a garden and have the kids help decide what to plant, care for it and help prepare meals using their very own home grown produce. For those without a green thumb or with no time or room for a garden there are many gardens and farm stands on Long Island where you can purchase fresh produce.

Be sure to read this article on How to Help Children Eat Healthy for Life for some great tips on eating healthy.

Check out this article by Long Island Mamas for Farmers Markets and Farm Stands on Long Island.

Visit a Family Friendly Nursery and Gardening Center on Long Island

Written by: Tara Aeichabala




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