Oasis Day Camp Now Features Early-Start Camp for Pre-K Ages 3-5

Oasis - ONTHESOUNDDisclosure: This post was sponsored by Oasis Day Camp

It’s never too early to start your child off on the right path to well-rounded development. Every experience and new opportunity in a child’s life is a chance to expand their minds, highlight their creativity and have fun! At Oasis Early Start Imagination Camp, pre-K children ages 3-5 have the opportunity to learn, grow and enjoy outdoor play through a variety of summer camps for kids. As children explore, take healthy risks, and develop alongside kids their own age, they are pushing forward in their early childhood development.

While we love to play outside, The Early Start Imagination Camp also has it’s own specially designed, air-conditioned, indoor space.  The program is led by professionals with years of experience in early childhood education. They create a specialized curriculum specifically for the Early Start program, that is developmentally appropriate for our pre-K campers.

Oasis - point lookoutThis unique summer camp for kids structures around groups of no more than 12 children, with a head counselor and three counselors per group. That is a ratio of 1:3!  Each activity is led by one of the experienced instructors, ensuring that children are always in a safe environment. Children spend their day socializing with peers and engaging in physical and creative arts activities activities all focused on increasing fine and gross motor skills, emotional intelligence, and social skills.

It’s important to give children the chance to explore the world around them, experiment with what they don’t understand, brainstorm and reconfigure in their minds, expand, influence, create, discover, and most importantly have the space to just be a kid. Through camp activities indoors and out, children learn about their physical and emotional capabilities like never before!

Oasis - TULLY PARKStart your child off on the right foot with the Early Start Imagination Camp at Oasis Day Camp. For more information and for a complete schedule, visit the summer camp online at oasischildren.com, call (800) 317-1392 or email us at info@oasischildren.com.

Oasis now has FIVE location on Long Island!  Nassau County: Tully Park, On The Sound at Manorhaven Beach Park, and Point Lookout.  Suffolk County:  Holtzville Ecology Center & Mt. Sinai at Cedar Beach.


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