Things for Kids To Do On A Snow Day

snow1 Kids love when it snows outside and even more so when school is closed for the day. Long Island Mamas has come up with a list of fun things for kids to do on a snow day to keep the whole family entertained.

Bake Treats
Check out Pinterest for some wonderful ideas for winter themed baked goods.  The melted snowman cookies and cupcakes are perfect for a snowy day.

Build a Snowman or Snow Fort
Kids love to play in the snow.  Make it exciting by making a snowman and even a snow fort or igloo for the kids to hide in.


Create an Indoor Movie Theater
Place chairs in front of the TV, make some popcorn placed in individual cups and watch a favorite movie.

Have a Game Day
Pick a few of your families favorite board games. Have a blast playing games such as Headbandz and Scattergories. Play Red light, Green light or Simon Says. Teach the kids a few fun card games. Maybe you can get away with throwing the quiet game in there for a few minutes! Games are the perfect way to keep kids active and busy on a snow day.


Make Hot Chocolate
Whether enjoying a cup at home or going out for a cup of hot chocolate, this is a great way to stay warm on a cold and snowy day. Check out this article on Long Island Mamas to find out where to got for some great hot chocolate on Long Island: Great Hot Chocolate on Long Island

Have an Indoor Picnic
Move the furniture out of the way and lay out a blanket and chairs or pillows. Pack a picnic basket full of goodies and enjoy an indoor picnic. Have the kids invite friends over or use their stuffed animals and dolls for some company.

Go to an Indoor Play Center
Check out one of Long Islands many indoor play spaces to keep your family entertained on the next snow day.  See the articles below for some fun ideas!
18 Indoor Playspaces on Long Island
Plaster Funcraft
Bounce! Trampoline Sports

Break out the sled and hit the hills with the family. Kids love to slide down any snowy hill they can find.
Be sure to check out Long Island Mamas Locals’ Guide for Places to Go Sledding on Long Island.

Snowball Fight
Gather your friends, family and neighbors for the ultimate snowball fight!

Written by: Tara Arichabala

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