The Scoop on Albert’s Mandarin Gourmet’s Chinese New Year Banquet

IMG_0338Chinese New Year begins on January 31, 2014, and as one of the biggest and most important holidays in China, it’s a 15-day long celebration that’s all about family, food and ushering in good luck for the new year. Long Island typically holds a few events to celebrate Chinese New Year, though they’re not on the scale of the festivities in Flushing, Queens or Chinatown in New York City. So let’s talk food, because there’s Chinese restaurants located all over Long Island for families to visit for a Chinese New Year meal.

Once in a while there are rumors of a Chinese restaurant on Long Island that may be having a Chinese New Year dinner event. The problem is that many of these restaurants do not advertise their event nor do they have websites to confirm information. Try calling, and sometimes there’s only partial information given or just miscommunication due to language barriers.

I had heard for years that Albert’s Mandarin Gourmet in Huntington holds an annual Chinese New Year dinner event. I could never find information about it anywhere on the internet, except for a few reviews on Yelp and other restaurant sites where patrons said they had attended. Calling the restaurant confirmed an event existed, but getting details on the menu was a bit spotty.

I happened to be driving by Albert’s Mandarin Gourmet and decided to stop in to determine once and for all what this Chinese New Year event was about. So here’s the scoop – you won’t find these details anywhere else on the web – I know, I’ve tried finding them. If you don’t live near Huntington or are unable to visit during the event dates, then just go to your local Chinese restaurant and order similar foods as the items below to enjoy a Chinese New Year meal. Also since the holiday runs for over two weeks, celebrating Chinese New Year anytime during this period would be fine.

Albert’s Mandarin Gourmet’s Chinese New Year Banquet
Wednesday, 2/5/14 or Thursday, 2/6/14
7 pm both evenings
RSVP Required (631) 673-8188
$35.95 per person includes a full meal and lion dance entertainment afterwards

Soup Choices (choose one): Seafood, Chicken & Corn, Vegetarian

Appetizers (you get try each one):
Cold: Smoked Fish, Aromatic Beef, Quincy Exotic Mushroom
Hot: Tropical Shrimp, Roast Chicken, Stuffed Crabmeat Roll, Pork Chop Mandarin

Entree Choices (choose one): Happy Family, Sesame Chicken, Steak Imperial, Seafood Royale, Today’s Fresh Catch, Confucius Prawns, Fried Rice

Dessert: Fruit Fantasy

Patrons can also order a la carte items off of the menu for those who do not want to order the full banquet meal.

Albert’s Mandarin Gourmet
269 New York Ave.
Huntington, NY 11743
Happy Chinese New Year!

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