7 Tips for Pumpkin Picking Fun

Pumpkin PickingFall is in full swing and Long Island offers so many options for a day spent choosing pumpkins in a pick-your-own field!  Picking pumpkins is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon for both adults and kids.  Here are 7 tips for pumpkin picking fun to make your outing memorable and comfortable.

Charge your camera/phone – A pick-your-own pumpkin field is the perfect backdrop for adorable photos. Be sure you charge your camera battery and/or cell phone battery so that you don’t miss a single photo opportunity.

Pack snacks and drinks – Plenty of pick-your-own-locations sell treats and baked good as well as fresh fruit and veggies. Some even have snack stands. Just in case, pack a snack or two to fend off any hunger-induced crankiness.

Apply sunscreen – It doesn’t seem like you could get a burn in October, but skin health is important year round. If the sun is out, it can do damage, so be sure to apply sunscreen before heading out.

Pack a change of clothes and extra outerwear – Pick-your-own fields can be dusty or muddy, depending on recent weather. Your little ones will have so much fun exploring the field and choosing a pumpkin. Allow them to relish the great outdoors. Keep an extra outfit in the car to change the dirtiest little explorers before buckling in for the ride home. Even if the forecast calls for mild weather, it may be worth it for you to throw a couple of extra sweatshirts and scarves into the trunk as well. Pick-your-own fields are wide open and can feel quite a bit cooler on breezy days than surrounding areas.

Bring a wagon – If you have one, bring your own wagon. Most fields will supply one for you, but on busy weekends those wagons will disappear fast. Rather than wait for someone else to finish up, bring along your own wagon.

Budget – Of course once your children arrive and see the bounty before them they may have a hard time choosing just one pumpkin. In order to stick to a budget more effectively, discuss ahead of time how many pumpkins each child may choose. Most fields charge by the pound, so if you are trying to stick to a budget encourage kids to pick smaller pumpkins if you would like to take home more than one per child.

Wear comfy shoes – Pumpkin picking isn’t the time for stylish, uncomfortable shoes. You will be chasing your kids across a bumpy field and possibly through a corn maze. Trust us.

Whether you use your pumpkins in recipes, for decorations, or to carve, spending a day pumpkin picking is a Fall rite of passage here on Long Island. It is a fun way to spend a day outdoors with your children and celebrate the season!

Written and photo by Allison Profeta

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