Tips from Local Parents for Packing a Healthy School Lunch

girl eating appleLunch is too often neglected. Fast food options abound, but increasing numbers of families want to send their kids to school with something healthier. Long Island Mamas surveyed local families for their favorite healthy lunch ideas. Here are the winners:

Instead of Peanut Butter and Jelly…try ALMOND BUTTER and BANANAS

Fresh almond butter is high in iron and vitamin E and a good source of protein. Sliced ripe bananas lend their sweetness to this tasty sandwich, without the sugar content found in typical jams and jellies. Use whole wheat bread instead of white for another nutrient boost.

Instead of Ham and Cheese…try CHICKEN and AVOCADO WRAP

Baking or grilling a few chicken cutlets at a time will allow families to use them in different recipes throughout the week. For this healthy lunch, slice one chicken into long strips. Add pieces of ripe avocado, and season to taste. Use a whole wheat tortilla instead.

Instead of French Fries… try PEAR and APPLE FRIES

Slice apples or pears into spears and sauté in coconut oil. Sprinkle with cinnamon and serve. It’s sweet without sugar. Toddlers will love it too.

Instead of Chips and Dip… try CARROTS and HUMMUS

Kids love snacks that crunch, and they love to dip foods. This combination gives kids both and sneaks in servings of vegetables and protein.

Instead of Milkshakes… try a BANANA, COCONUT MILK and CHIA SEED SMOOTHIE

Soak chia seeds for a few minutes. Add one ripe banana, coconut milk, and chia seeds to a blender with a few ice cubes. Blend until smooth. Simple and delicious!

By Rachel Minkowsky

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