Tips for Mothers Returning to Work

Back to Work MomMany Long Island families are two-income households. A variety of factors go into a mother’s decision to return to the workforce, but it’s rarely an easy transition. Long Island Mamas surveyed local families, and came up with these important tips for mothers returning to work.

Set up Child Care
Parents first must decide who will care for their child(ren) during work hours. Choosing a care provider can be challenging. Keep in mind that even the best care situation should have a backup (certain illnesses can keep a child from admittance to day care, and even the best nanny calls in sick occasionally). No matter what the family ultimately decides, a backup plan is always helpful.

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Dinner Time
Families will always get hungry. Cooking dinner each night may prove difficult, especially until a new routine is established. Freezing dinners in advance will help ease a family’s reliance on take-out. Stew, chili, ziti, lasagna, Shepherd’s Pie, and stir fry are all examples of dinners that can be made in large batches, and they freeze well.

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Know Your Rights
Breastfeeding doesn’t have to end when Mom goes back to work. In New York State, employers are required by law to allow time and space for mothers to express milk. Bathrooms are not an acceptable option (who wants to eat in a bathroom?). Moms may want to notify employers in advance so that space can be allocated.

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Everything Changes
If it’s been more than a year since Mom’s last job, there’s an excellent chance that something’s changed in her field. Staying current with trends and being able to use the most recent technology will help ease the transition back to work.

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Routines Rock
It will take some time to acclimate to new roles, but organization helps. If possible, start the child(ren) in their daycare setting several days (or even weeks) before Mom is due back. Do a few “practice runs” for day care drop off and pick up.

We know. Sleep is the Atlantis of parenthood; finding it is almost impossible. Try anyway. A good night’s rest, or even an afternoon nap, is always a good thing.

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By Rachel Minkowsky

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