Sensory Friendly Films for Families at AMC Theatres

AMC TheatresDid you know that AMC Theatres offers sensory friendly films for families of kids? This is perfect for young kids who may be scared of the dark or loud noises as well as for kids with special needs.

The program was the brainchild of a parent of an autistic child who requested a special screening. More than 300 children and parents attended. Since then the program has expanded nationally and runs kid-friendly movies on a monthly basis in select communities.

During these sensory friendly films, AMC Theatres creates a safe and accepting environment — lights are left on, sound volume is turned down and it’s perfectly fine if kids and parents want to walk around the theater, talk or sing and dance along with the movie.

Here are the AMC Theatre locations in New York/New Jersey offering sensory friendly films:

For parents of special needs kids, attending a movie with their child is now a viable option, and we commend AMC Theatres for supporting all types of families.

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