Review: Grease at the Gateway Playhouse

greaseI recently took a trip back to the 50s with the Gateway Playhouse and their production of Grease, and what a journey it was. From the moment I entered the theater I was transported back in time with the 50s sock hop music playing over the speakers.

From the opening scene to the closing one my niece and I were dancing along with the music and mouthing the words. We have both seen Grease performed at least four times, and we still had a fantastic time.

Sandy was played convincingly by Nikki Bohne. When she sang Hopelessly Devoted she showed the full range and power of her voice. It simply took my breath away. Danny was played by Sean Gorski with the right combination of coolness and affability. For me though, Holly Ann Butler, who played Rizzo, stole the show. She had the right amount of sass and delivered her one liners with great timing. When she sang There are Worse Things I Could Do, she drew the audience in and I truly felt her pain. The rest of the cast was also good. I was truly impressed that all of the actors had great voices, even those with smaller parts. That has definitely not been the case in other productions that I have seen.

I wholeheartedly recommend the show as a great afternoon or evening out. Warning: there is some foul language used as the show is performed as it was originally written. Therefore, I wouldn’t take kids younger than 13 to see the performance.

Grease is playing at the Gateway Playhouse until June 8. Show times vary, so check the website for further information. Ticket prices start at $45 for adults. Students 25 and younger are only $25. Standing Room tickets in the back of the theater are $10 each.

Gateway Playhouse
215 South Country Rd.
Bellport, NY
(631) 286-1133

by Mikaela Walker

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