Long Island Mompreneurs Create Snazzy Swap Clothes and Toys Exchange

Babies and children grow quickly, and sometimes their clothes and toys are barely touched before they’re outgrown. Moms save, sell, or donate the items, then trek out to buy more of what they need. Long Island moms Tracy and Cheryl, founders of Snazzy Swap, give families another option: trade! Trading gives families a chance to declutter their garages and attics and save money.

Snazzy Swap offers moms the chance to swap with other families across the country. There’s no “brick and mortar” store, which is a bonus for busy parents. Instead, everything is handled online. Generally, items must be traded instead of purchased, but families can buy their first box without swapping.

It’s pretty simple to get involved. Organize clothes or toys by size or age. Take a few pictures, and put it in a box. Post the pictures to the site and wait for another family to express interest. When families want a box of items, the cost is minimal: $5, plus the cost of shipping.

Snazzy Swap works on a version of the honor system; families are asked to include items they would want to receive. Since pictures of items are generally included, families know what they’re getting in advance. Even so, if the family is dissatisfied with what they’ve received, they can ask for a different box.

Visit and register at www.snazzyswap.com and like on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/SnazzySwap.


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By Rachel Minkowsky

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