Eggciting Egg Activities for Kids

With Easter fast approaching, families are getting ready with decorations and looking for fun activities to celebrate the holiday.  We found some eggciting egg activities for kids including crafts, science experiments and more.



Eggtastic Brunch

Invite your friends and family over for an eggtastic brunch which is a brunch with a twist.  Everyone who comes brings a different egg dish.  See how many creative  dishes people bring, and guests end up with a wide variety of delicious options to choose from.

Egg Crafts

Easter Egg Cups
Check out these adorable Easter Egg Cups.  Make these as a family for some fun and creative Easter decor. What a perfect way to display those dyed hard boiled eggs on the dinner table, and kids can really get creative with these!

Egg Yolk Paint
Don’t throw away those egg yolks. Instead use this recipe for paint made out of egg yolks. Use food coloring to make different colored paints. It’s easy to make, and the kids will think it’s so cool to paint with egg yolks.

Mosaic Art
Use those tiny pieces of egg shells to make some fantastic egg art. Dye those egg shells different colors and glue them on paper, gifts or anything else kids want to decorate. Great for encouraging use of fine motor skills.

Science Experiments Using Eggs

Egg Drop
An all time science teacher favorite is the Egg Drop.  The objective is to figure out a way to drop an egg (do not cheat and hard boil it) without it breaking. Kids may need to try with several eggs before perfecting this one.  Tip: place a large plastic garbage bag or disposable table cloth on the floor before dropping the eggs for easy clean up.

Egg Float
Now that kids have dropped an egg or two, try to make an egg float!  This experiment teaches density.  Just add salt to the water teaspoon by teaspoon until the egg floats on the surface of the water.  Count how many teaspoons of salt were used.

Egg Bounce
Try this fun experiment to see if an egg can bounce. This experiment takes a few days to complete, but is very simple.  Place an egg in vinegar and wait until the shell has completely dissolved.  Then bounce the egg from various heights to see how high it can bounce before breaking.

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By: Tara Arichabala



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