Review: Disney on Ice Treasure Trove

Last night I went to see Disney on Ice Treasure Trove at Nassau Coliseum. Mickey and the gang go back in time to uncover some of the Disney movie treasures from the past. Here’s what you’ll see if you go to see Disney on Ice Treasure Trove.



Movie Treasure # 1 – Alice in Wonderland

The first movie treasure discovered is Alice in Wonderland. We are greeted by the White Rabbit who is late for a very important date. Then in comes Alice to meet him to attend the Mad Hatters unbirthday party. The Queen of Hearts then enters with all of her card soldiers in formation.

Movie Treasure # 2 – Peter Pan
The second movie treasure discovered is Peter Pan. The audience gets to meet Wendy, John, Michael and all of the Lost Boys. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell fly through the air which thrilled all the kids in the audience. When Tinkerbell sprinkles her pixie dust, it is a truly magical moment. Beware of the large crocodile that comes out to eat Captain Hook at the end as it may be scary to small children.

Movie Treasure # 3 – The Lion King
After intermission, comes the third movie treasure, The Lion King. The scene starts out with young Simba and Nala being warned not to go to the elephant graveyard, and is immediately followed by Mufasa being trampled by the wildebeests. While not truly scary, my 3-year old did hide her face during that scene as she seemed to know something bad was going to happen. Of course, you couldn’t do the Lion King without Hakuna Matata which helped lift everyone’s spirits once more. Afterwards, Simba and Nala find each other again and their pas de deux to Can You Feel the Love Tonight is simply breathtaking. For adults, this is where the truly great skating began in the show.

Movie Treasure # 4 – Snow White
For the last movie treasure, they go way back into the vault and pull out Snow White. The scene starts out with the seven dwarfs. Their costumes were absolutely amazing and lifelike. During the scene, the witch offers Snow White an apple and she asks the audience a couple of times if she should eat it. I guess all the kids in the audience knew the story, or their moms gave them the answer, which was what happened in my case, because they all shouted no. Of course, she doesn’t listen and bites the apple. She is saved by the prince and they do a wonderful pas de deux off into the sunset.

Final Scene – Princess Movie Compilation
If you normally leave a show a little bit early to skip the traffic, you won’t want to do it this time. Disney on Ice has saved the best for last. The final scene of the show is comprised of short snippets from a few of the most popular Disney Princess movies including: Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel and The Princess and the Frog. Aladdin and Jasmine sail on a flying carpet over the ice. Ariel and Sebastian dance Under the Sea. Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder see the flying lanterns and Tiana and Naveen Dig a Little Deeper. At the very end of the show, every Disney Princess and her Prince comes out. All the little girls were in alt. It was a truly wonderful way to end the show.

Overall I thought it was a pretty good show and my daughter enjoyed it immensely. This is her third Disney on Ice show and we will definitely continue to go.

Disney on Ice will be playing at Nassau Coliseum through Sunday, January 13. To buy tickets go to or to the Nassau Coliseum box office. Ticket prices start at $25 for adults and $15 for kids.

by Mikaela Walker



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