Mom Moments from Our Readers

In light of the recent tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, it makes us realize even more how much it means to be a parent and to love and raise a child.

Whether in the planning stages, expecting a baby, are a newbie or have a few years of parenting experience, the day you become a mom is life changing and one you will never forget. It’s the best and scariest thing you will ever do; a constant barrage of conflicting emotions ranging from love to fear, happiness to disappointment and euphoria to exhaustion.

As overwhelming as it all is, there are also amazing moments of clarity where you realize that life is so much more than you. It might be the time you realize that you can’t be selfish and you actually have to share licking the cake batter off of the spoon with your son. Or it could be the moment your 4-year-old holds the door open for people to allow them to enter first, and you realize “I am doing something right.”

We at Long Island Mamas Network call these Mom Moments, and we’ve asked local moms to share these moments with us.

Angela from Lake Ronkonkoma
Tupperware Manager and mom to son CJ (almost 4)
“It’s hard to pinpoint just one moment for me, but a recent one sticks out in my mind. On Thanksgiving I happened to trip over my dog and landed on my knee. Needless to say it hurt more than I would’ve liked it to. As soon as it happened, my son CJ ran to me, pushed the dog out of the way and yelled at him not to hurt mommy. He then came to me, hugged me and told me he loved me and that it would be ok. I realized at that moment that I’ve raised my son to be compassionate. Suddenly the pain was a little less and my heart was fuller!”

Valerie from Sayville
IBM Marketing Financial Services Sector Professional, Blogger at 2 Cents Worth and mom to sons Xavier (3) and Theophilus (2)
“My Mom Moment was today when they both took a nap which is RARE. At the same time I missed having them around. I was like…the house is WAY too quiet. I couldn’t wait for them to wake up!”

Michelle from Suffolk County
Case Worker and mom to Noah (11)
I remember when Noah was 7 he was in the outfield of a baseball game when he got hit in the face with a baseball. Without even thinking, I ran onto the field and picked him up (probably one of the last times) and carried him off the field to get checked out.”

Jill from Westbury
Advertising Professional and mom to son Tyler (17 months)
“When Tyler was about 13 months old, we had a play date with a few kids that were around three. Tyler was just starting to walk so he couldn’t really keep up with the other kids. They were playing in an outdoor toy house and the kids all yelled at him that he couldn’t come in because he was too little. Of course they were just kids being kids and I knew that, but my heart broke in a way only a mother could truly feel when kids are mean to your child.”

Gina from Brentwood
NYC Social Worker and mom to daughter Leelee (14) and Gabe (11)

“My Mom Moment was when my daughter ask me about sex at age 10. Although I talk to kids and families about this subject for a living, it took me by surprise. I was flustered, but composed myself and realized it’s time to put my ‘mom hat’ on and tell this child about such an important subject before she gets wrong information from her little friends. I felt truly like a mom and was proud of her candor.”

Katrina from Bohemia
Clerk with the State Courts and mom to daughters Alexia (12) and Hailey (9)
“My Mom Moment was not my first, but one of the most memorable. I am not a crier, not even when my girls were born. They were both in their uncle’s wedding. Alexia, then 7 and Hailey, then 4, were dressed in their little white dresses. I stood at the head of the alter watching them walk down the aisle, and they looked like little angels. That very moment I cried for both my daughters. It was a confirming moment that they were the most precious things in my life and that even though their halos sometimes got a little crooked they will always be my angels.”

Erin from Miller Place
Admissions Counselor
and mom to son Colin (1)
“My favorite Mom Moment is every night as I’m rocking my son to sleep. It is our time…just us. I treasure that moment more than anything in the world. I take that time to stroke his hair, rub his face, and look into his eyes. I also am sure to thank God for that moment and for keeping my son healthy and happy. When I became a Mom, suddenly, that’s all that mattered.”

Maryellen from East Islip
Public Relations Professional and mom to daughters Emma (almost 4) and Nora (2)
“My sister, Liz, and I were taking the girls grocery shopping one day in the early fall. Both kids had gotten into the shopping cart themselves (Pathmark in Islip has those super-helpful ones with a car attached so that you can actually buy more than $13 worth of food). The girls were quietly taking in the stroll through the parking lot. No one was whining, hitting their sister or trying to jump out of the moving cart. I had the strangest experience of wanting more of a challenge. Here I am, with a wealth of knowledge about how to strap a squirmy infant into a car seat or drive while blocking out the sound of high-pitched wailing, and I’ve got nothing but peace and quiet. I thought to myself, ‘Now I know why women have a third baby.’ And then immediately afterwards, ‘bite your tongue.’”

Suzanne from Melville
Human Resources Representative in NYC and mom to
Loren (4 ½) and Max (almost 2)
“I constantly have mommie moments, especially when I’m pulling out documents I’ve worked on at home and find they are scribbled on with crayon. Also, I’m always pulling a teacup, toy car or snot rag out of the most unlikely places and usually in front of others at work! My husband also gets into the fun, as our daughter asks him to bring one of her stuffed animals to work for a visit. He does gladly and takes pictures of the toy in the office to show her or to post on Facebook!”

What are your Mom Moments? Please share with us in the comments section below.


By Kim Como

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