Great New Year Resolutions to Consider

Each year millions of people start the New Year with good intentions and a list of resolutions. They may be health-related, work-related, about personal growth or being a better person. The key is to stick to them to make life changes that become habits. This year, why not add the resolution, or promise, to make more time for your family to have fun locally?

Over the years, Long Island Mamas Network has written articles about many towns and places on Long Island, and we sincerely hope you have been inspired to visit more of our hometown activities and wonderful destinations.

In the spirit of fresh beginnings, take time to write your resolutions in a journal. Writing makes things more concrete. You can even choose to post your resolutions publicly, like on Facebook, where you then may feel more accountable for achieving your resolutions. People tend to follow through with goals more after making them public or having an accountability partner or friend.

Some suggested New Year Resolutions to consider:

Choose to eat healthier
Start by taking inventory of what you buy, reading labels and really cutting down on all unnecessary ingredients like added colors, anything artificial, hydrogenated oils and high fructose trans fats. Have vegetarian meals twice a week. You could even try local vegetarian restaurants.  Promise yourself to shop at local farmers markets. Buy more organic foods at stores and local organic farms as much as you can when the season begins. Here’s some tips for buying organic without spending a ton more.  Get familiar with the local health food stores we have listed and try new recipes each month.

Promise Your Family to Have More Fun on a Regular Basis
Explore the many beautiful towns of Long Island that offer activities year round. Have you been to the East End recently? Riverhead is a town with an abundance of family friendly activities as is Port Jefferson where you’ll find not only a children’s maritime center, but an ice rink, a theatre and many wonderful stores. Massapequa on the South Shore has an indoor roller rink among other fun things. Westbury in Nassau County boasts not only the huge Eisenhower Park, but Dave and Busters and Westbury Music Fair, too. Not only will you help the local economy thrive, you can create wonderful memories with your family and use these days as terrific learning experiences for all. Long Island is chock full of museums and great places to explore and learn. We have listed some of our favorite museums here. You don’t always need to spend a lot either, as many kids’ activities are under $10 to enter.

Exercise More
We have many diverse activities for families here, such as hiking trails in Montauk, walking one of our many beaches, parks, visiting a local ice skating rink or perhaps take the kids mini golfing more, as the weather permits. Keep the kids active with indoor sports like at West Sports, enroll in a swimming program or into one of these great after school sports or dance programs.

Save More Money
Buying at local consignment shops or thrift stores can not only save you money, it’s the “green” thing to do. Recycling is more than just plastic and paper; it is also clothes and toys too. On top of that, you can save a bundle rather than buying everything new for the kids who outgrow them so fast.

Give Back to Our Community
It may be by donating unwanted clothes and household items or pitching in at a soup kitchen. Maybe it’ll be volunteering at the school or church. Whatever you choose, it’s truly better to give than to receive to live a richer, fuller New Year when you become a giver.

Have a Happy New Year to all of our Long Island Mamas Network readers!


By Debra Ferrie

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