Shop Long Island on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday

It is better to give than to receive…but getting the best deal possible when purchasing holiday gifts is always a nice bonus. In preparation for the holidays, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are known as the busiest shopping days of the calendar year. We encourage readers to support local businesses whenever possible.



Black Friday
The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday and is typically more of a “big box” store day versus small businesses where chain retailers will open extra early and slash prices. For the extra enthusiastic, some will even open on Thanksgiving. Herds of determined shoppers get up at dawn or earlier to get the best deals.

While there are way too many Black Friday deals to list here, Yahoo Voices does have a listing of some deals on Long Island. Also check out our post on Great Family Finds at Tanger Outlet.

Small Business Saturday
Formally “celebrated” for the first time in 2010, this is a day dedicated to local brick-and-mortar stores. Those looking to purchase more unique items or who are looking for potentially more personalized customer service may want to look into Small Business Saturday deals. Credit card companies (particularly American Express, given that they partly invented this shopping day) may give rebates or other incentives to shop.

Giving a boost to the local economy is good for everyone. Local businesses contribute to their neighborhoods in several ways. Small businesses often sponsor scholarships and/or community organizations. They employ local residents, and revenue collected via sales taxes goes back into the community. Prices are often lower because small businesses do not have to recover franchise fees or deal with renting the large spaces that chain stores usually require.

Businesses like the Think Long Island First in Oyster Bay is devoted to promoting goods made on Long Island. The store has a full day of activities planned on Small Business Saturday this year (view schedule).

Read Long Island Mamas Network posts on locally-owned stores for shopping ideas this Saturday:
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Cyber Monday
More and more companies are making their products available to online shoppers. Customers can receive everything from food to furniture conveniently delivered to their homes. Shopping online on Cyber Monday is often ideal for young families, the elderly and those with busy work schedules. These shoppers get many of the perks of Black Friday deals, but can work holiday shopping around their schedules.

Check out a list of Cyber Monday sales on Facebook, and read our post about how to make sure your shopping experience is a safe one.

For those that want to give back, there’s also Giving Tuesday which takes place the day after Cyber Monday. Read our post about how to participate on this special day of helping others.

Happy Shopping!


By Rachel Minkowsky

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