Amazing! Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts and Shaolin Warriors

This past weekend I attended the Shaolin Warriors performance at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College. Yes, I do live on Long Island, but it only took me an hour, using public transportation, to get to the theater from Hicksville, Long Island. The ride was only a little longer than a trip to Manhattan from the same location.

The Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts has been putting on great family programming for 58 years. While we do have great theaters here on Long Island, Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts offers more multicultural programming than is typically found on Long Island.

Some of the upcoming shows at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts include: Christmas in the Caribbean with the University Singers, The Snow Maiden (a Russian Christmas tale), Tales of Anansi, Amadeus and An Evening with Lucie Arnaz. The prices for the various shows are budget-friendly; the most expensive ticket this season is $50. This season is also the debut of the Target Storybook Series, which features shows geared towards younger children. Tickets for these shows are only $7.

The show that I saw at the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts was the Shaolin Warriors. The Shaolin Warriors are a group of monks trained in kung fu from the Shaolin Monastery in China. In the show, they demonstrate some of their typical exercises and fighting rituals including usage of traditional weapons. Some of their more exciting “tricks” include breaking granite blocks on their heads, breaking wooden poles on their arms and bending a spear with their necks.

At a couple of points in the show, there is audience participation. During one of these moments, the monks bring all the kids in the audience up onto the stage and demonstrate basic kung fu. The kids all caught on pretty quick and they were really funny to watch.

The Shaolin Warriors show will be making a stop on Long Island on December 2 at 7 pm at the Staller Center. Tickets are $38 per person.



I definitely recommend seeing the Shaolin Warriors and making a visit to the Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts to take in a show at a wallet friendly price.

Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts
Brooklyn College
Campus Road and Hillel Place
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 951-4500

Staller Center for the Arts
SUNY Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY
(631) 632-2787

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