Odd-Even Gas Rationing Ends Midnight Tonight

With power back on for the majority of gas stations on Long Island and an odd-even gas rationing system in place since last week, the gas supply and demand situation has improved. As such, Nassau and Suffolk county executives have announced the end of the odd-even gas rationing system effective midnight tonight.

Long Island had instituted the odd-even gas rationing system last Friday in the wake of gas limitations due to the adverse effects of Hurricane Sandy. Drivers with license plates ending in an even number could only get gas on even-numbered days while drivers with license plates ending in an odd number could only get gas on odd-numbered days. New Jersey had experienced positive results when it implemented the odd-even gas rationing system, and New York City and Long Island followed.

We are glad the system worked and that Long Islanders will be getting back to more normalcy. Our thoughts are still with those without power or homes. For those needing assistance, please contact a FEMA Disaster Recovery Center on Long Island.

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