Klutch Boutique in Valley Stream

As moms, we spend so much time taking care of our family that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. When was the last time you truly took some time for yourself to enjoy a good book, have a glass of wine or just relax? I would bet that it has been a really long time. It had been a really long time for me, too, until a few weeks ago I when went shopping with my mother sans kids.

We went to a little boutique called Klutch in Valley Stream. I had never heard of the store before, but my mother had been there before and liked the merchandise and more importantly the owner, Earth. I am not a shopper, so I only put 20 minutes on the meter as I expected to be in and out. I had to feed the meter three more times as I ended up spending an hour and a half in the store.

Earth, the owner of Klutch boutique, was very welcoming and showed me items that she recommended for my body type. I tried on different outfits, most of which I had not seen in other stores and ended up leaving with a bagful of clothes ranging from everyday clothes to outfits for going out.

As moms, we still want to look good, but we don’t have as much time as we use to make that happen. That is where Klutch comes in. Klutch specializes in items that will make a woman look good, but doesn’t require a lot of work.

At Klutch, Earth also sells her jewelry line, Elements of Earth. The line is a combination of natural stones and metal. If you have an idea for a design, Earth will create a personalized item for you. Next month, she will launch her clothing line EarthRo NY and if the jewelry line is any indication, the clothes will be fabulous. Earth also offers personalized shopping services and wardrobe analysis at the store.

She named the store Klutch because she wanted every woman who entered to have something to hold onto, and I can guarantee you that if you enter, you will.

A great everyday look

For an evening out

A great dress for work







Klutch Boutique
118 North Central Ave
Valley Stream, NY 11580
(516) 593-1740


by Mikaela Walker


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