Insider’s Guide for Things to Do in Jericho with Kids

Jericho, located on the North Shore in Nassau County, is a town ideal for families to play and live in. Jericho is known for its great school district, one of the key reasons families move here. It also offers plenty of family friendly activities ranging from outdoor fun to events at Whole Foods (one of only three locations on Long Island). Our local writer provides her insider’s guide for things to do in Jericho.

There are so many amazing activities in Jericho that are great for little kids, big kids and adults. Active Kids is a nice place to take little ones to as they offer laser tag, an inflatable fun zone, an adventure maze, arcades and more.

Close by is Lifetime Gym, a huge facility offering gym activities for adults and kids. Members can utilize its babysitting center to watch the kids while they participate in rock climbing, basketball, swimming and of course, workouts.

Jericho Public Library holds many baby and toddler events including those where kids can read books, eat and play, have story time and make crafts.

For those who celebrate the Jewish faith, Miyad is a new organization in the area for children. It offers a preschool, and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday parents can leave children with teachers where they’ll teach children a top notch curriculum.

Right around the corner is the Apple Cider Mill which is open seasonally from October to May. It sells fresh apples, ciders, sweets and more. People usually wait in line just to drink and eat the delicious fresh apples. The Apple Cider Mill is a popular place with local families.

For children celebrating birthdays, what could be more fun than having it at Fun Craft? Fun Craft is celebrating its 24-year anniversary and offers everything from plaster craft painting and create-your-own CD to stuff-a-pet and decorate-your-own pillowcase.

16 Handles is one of the hottest hang out spots in Jericho. They feature a self-serve frozen yogurt lounge. The venue offers good yogurt, cool music and is decorated in hot colors. The business opens early and closes late, so bring the kids there after soccer practice, ballet practice, or just for being a good sport.

Another Jericho gem is OH MY GIRLS! which is the first-ever girl’s health club for tweens in the area. They aim to create a revolution in girlhood by keeping girls fit and fabulous for life, including providing positive options of how girls “party.” A few minutes away from Jericho, young girls can celebrate here living a healthy lifestyle while hanging out with friends.

What’s your hot spot in Jericho?


By Tiffany Taplashvili


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