Review: Guyi Guyi (a puppet show)

This past weekend, Long Island Mamas was invited by Spain Culture New York to attend a performance of Guyi Guyi. Guyi Guyi is a puppet show based on the book of the same name by author Chih Yuan Chen. The story centers around a crocodile named Guyi Guyi who is born into a family of ducks. He is happy being a duck until he meets a crocodile who tells him who he really is. He then finds out that crocodiles eat ducks.

Guyi Guyi has to decide who he really is, and in the end the lesson learned is that one does not have to be defined by what others expect us to be. Everyone can choose their own path.

Even though Guyi Guyi is a puppet show, it is very different from the typical puppet show seen in New York. The show is performed by two puppeteers, who do all the character voices live. Also, the show doesn’t use marionettes, but hand puppets, so the puppeteers are integrated into the show.

The show will be interesting for both parents and children to see. Adults will love the intricacy of the puppet show and the talent displayed by the puppeteers. Kids will love the puppets and the different voices.

Long Island Mamas does not however recommend the show for kids under 5. The show makes mention of death and the crocodile is somewhat scary to small children. Also, the show is mainly dialogue broken up with short instrumental breaks which might be difficult for a small child to sit through.

Guyi Guyi will be coming to Long Island on October 21. The performance will take place at 2:00pm at Long Island Children’s Museum located at 11 Davis Avenue, Garden City, NY. Tickets cost $4 in addition to museum entrance fees or $10 for the puppet show alone.

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by Mikaela Walker


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