October Mom of the Month – Tania Estrada

Long Island Mama’s is proud to announce Tania Estrada from Valley Stream as our October Mom of the Month!  Tania, a military wife and mom to a 14 month old girl and a 2 year old boy, is also a businesswoman and finance student. Find out how this amazing Long Island mom juggles work and family and why she’s our Mom of the Month.

As the spouse of Carlos, a full time Active Duty Non-Commissioned Officer for the New York Army National Guard, Tania is involved in organizing events for soldiers and their families. Currently her husband’s group of soldiers, which includes his brother, is en route to Afghanistan for 11 months. She understands first hand what its like to have a loved one overseas, and as such Tania holds monthly support meetings for military spouses and families. Meetings are also open to soldiers who don’t have families, like her brother-in-law, since they too need support and love. Through her efforts, volunteers put together care packages and mail them to the soldiers.
For her day job, Tania and Carlos own and manage businesses in New York and Dayton, Ohio. These include the residential property management company 14536 Frankton St Corporation in Queens and Nassau, a commercial property management company Nationwide Capital Partners of NY, Inc., and a gas station and apartment buildings in Dayton. Their business ventures require Tania to manage all properties in New York and travel to Ohio with the kids at least once a month. In addition, she works as a private investor in real estate. Tania juggles work with family by bringing at least one of her children with her to business appointments. She has family support as well which allows her to work from home and enjoy more time with the kids. 

The busy businesswoman is pursuing a finance degree by attending night school at Queens College. Tania says she works hard now in hopes for a better future. Her goal  is to have the businesses grow and succeed which would allow her husband to leave his full time job in the military. She wants to create a flexible work schedule so they’ll be able to enjoy time together as a family and to provide opportunities for her children that she and her husband did not have while growing up.

When Long Island Mamas asked Tania if she had any advice to offer other busy moms, she replied, “Time management is key. You must always have a schedule and a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly ‘To Do’ list. It doesn’t mean you will always hit every mark as planned, but what doesn’t get done today moves over to the ‘To Do’ list for tomorrow. You also need accountability. For this I have my husband as he does me. Although it wasn’t easy at first to separate work from personal life, we have learned over the years that communication is key.”


By: Tara Arichabala


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