New Look for Fall: Time with a Stylist at Green Acres Mall

Whose wardrobe couldn’t use a bit of sprucing up? Whether it’s purchasing new items to be more with the times or removing items that are no longer flattering, season’s change is a perfect time to work on one’s wardrobe.  Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream recently ran a contest to allow people to win time with a stylist as well as a new Fall wardrobe.

Ten contest winners were chosen. Each winner received a three and a half hour shopping session with stylist Denise Delise, owner of 3D Styling. Many of the contest winners were moms, including a single mom who lived in a homeless shelter.  Most of the moms were in the middle of the job search process and wanted to find clothes that they could wear to their job interviews. While most of the winners were individuals, there was one couple who won the contest. They lost weight together and wanted to update their wardrobes to reflect their new sizes.

Long Island Mamas was invited by Green Acres mall to spend time with Denise to have a similar experience. Denise took us to a few stores where we tried on outfits, looked at purses and shoes and discussed shopping and clothing care tips throughout. One of the most important things that she shared is that looking good doesn’t have to be expensive, but it will take some effort on one’s part. Some of the other tips she shared include:

  • Always have a nice bag and a nice pair of shoes
  • For this season’s trend buy a lower price piece; for wardrobe staples that you will keep forever spend more money
  • Wearing heels and a belt gives the appearance of weight loss
  • Dangling necklaces give the appearance of elongation
  • The more plain the dress, the more bold the jewelry and vice versa
  • Never leave the house without at least two accessories and no more than five
  • Have at least one brown and one black bag in your wardrobe and one tote bag for evenings
  • Buy jeans with at least 2% spandex so they will be a little bit fitted
  • Spend money on a good watch, diamond earrings and a pearl necklace

Stores we visited at the mall included Fashion To Figure where one can find trendy and fashionable plus size clothing. The Green Acres Mall location is one of the only two on Long Island. We stopped in Forever 21, a store that Denise likes for accessories and seasonal trends. We also visited JCPenney’s which she believes has great affordable clothing, including lines by major designers. Another store that she recommended was Old Navy.  She felt that they have great jeans especially for the price; as a matter of fact, she was wearing Old Navy jeans during our session.

Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to Denise Delise for sharing some great tips that we will definitely use going forward.

Green Acres Mall
2034 Green Acres Mall
Valley Stream, NY 11581


By Mikaela Walker

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