Fun Halloween Treats – No Candy Involved!


The ghouls and goblins will soon be knocking on the door chanting “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!” Tired of giving out the same candy treats every year?  This Halloween give out something a little different.  Here are some ideas for fun Halloween treats – no candy involved – to fill those bags and buckets.


Raisins are always a healthy and easy alternative to chocolate and candy. Make it more exciting by wrapping the box in orange paper and even twist it closed with a piece of green pipe cleaner to make a little pumpkin treat! Raisins are best reserved for children ages two and up who have mastered chewing.



Apple ghosts are a fun and healthy alternative to the lollipop ghosts often handed out to trick or treaters.  Cover a small apple with white tulle or other white fabric. Add some eyes and other details to make really cute ghosts. Another alternative is to just hand on plain apples as decorated or not decorated, they’re nutritious! Read more on where to go apple picking on Long Island and also view a recipe using apples.



Dried Fruit or Fruit Wraps
For a quick, simple and healthier option, hand out organic fruit wraps from Trader Joe’s. At approximately fifty cents a piece, these are a healthier version of the traditional fruit roll up. Also try dried fruit; they’re still sweet like candy, but more nutritious than candy.



Trail Mix or Pretzels
Individual bags of trail mix or pretzels are easy to hand out and are a much healthier choice for all the little princesses and princes. These are available almost anywhere, including mass stores like BJ’s, Costco, Stop & Shop, and Target. For healthier options, purchase organic versions from natural food stores (read our post on Health Food Stores in Suffolk County).



Think Non-Edible!
Handing out non-edible items is like giving little gifts to each kid who comes to the door. Crafts such as this really cute Halloween frame from Oriental Trading always make for great treats. Kids will love decorating the frame and placing a picture of themselves in a Halloween costume inside! Rubber Duckies or sticker sheets are a great alternative to give to younger children, like the little monkey pictured below, who can’t have small snacks or do crafts on their own.


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By Tara Arichabala



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