Mom’s Time Out: Handling Difficult Toddler Behaviors – October 2

Has the adorable baby become a tyrannical toddler? Is bedtime now a battle of wills? Is the little one suddenly a picky eater? Is mom becoming unglued by toddler temper tantrums? Mom’s Time Out can give frazzled moms the resources and perspectives they need to handle toddlers during their challenging phases.

The toddler phase is a time of intense developmental, emotional and physical changes in a short period of time.  The constant change can often overwhelm and make parents feel off balance.

Join Nicole Asselta, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, at the Parent Resource Center, on October 2, 2012 at 12:30 pm for Mom’s Time Out. Learn ways and resource to nurture mom and child. Create a calm and positive environment in which to handle difficult toddler behaviors. Take this time with other moms to refresh the mind and soul, and enjoy support from other moms to make positive changes in this exciting but often tumultuous time.

Bonus: FREE Child Care is available on the premises!

$15 for PRC members/ $20 for non-members

Please RSVP to or call 516-767-3808.






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