Childbirth Education Classes on Long Island

During pregnancy a woman considers her birthing methods options to help get them through labor and delivery. No matter what class or birthing method a woman chooses, it will provide valuable information about pain relief options, breathing techniques, relaxation methods as well as the opportunity to ask questions or voice fears. We’ve highlighted the more popular methods and technique and have provided childbirth education classes on Long Island.

Lamaze International discusses and teaches strategies for labor and delivery such as breathing techniques, positioning for birth and relaxation techniques for between contractions. It also provides information about medical procedures, pain relief and management options. Postpartum topics are discussed, such as breastfeeding, eating healthy and pain management. Find a Certified Lamaze Instructor and plan for labor using the Lamaze technique.

Bradley Method teaches and supports natural childbirth while avoiding the use of medication. The Bradley method focuses on exercise and proper nutrition while pregnant, deep breathing and relaxation techniques while in labor as well as delivery. It also offers support and advice for postpartum care and breastfeeding. Find a local instructor and learn more about the Bradley method.

Hypnobirthing methods teaches women how to remain calm and in control throughout their labor and delivery. It teaches methods of self-hypnosis to achieve a similar feeling to daydreaming. Find a Certified Instructor and learn more about Hypnobirthing.

Local Long Island hospitals also offer childbirth classes which may cover multiple birthing techniques as well as other topics such as pain management during labor, breastfeeding verses formula feeding, cesarean sections, baby care basics as well as a tour of the hospitals facilities. Some also offer sibling classes and infant and child CPR courses.

Here are some local centers offering childbirth education classes:

Mercy Medical Center
1000 North Village Ave., Rockville Centre, NY
Contact Info:


North Shore – Long Island Jewish Health System
200 Community Drive, Great Neck, NY
Contact Info:


St. Charles
200 Belle Terre Road, Port Jefferson, NY
Contact Info:


Southampton Hospital
240 Meeting House Lane, Southampton, NY
Contact Info:


South Nassau Communities Hospital
One Healthy Way, Oceanside, NY
Contact Info:


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By Pamela Boccia


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