ArtVenture at Gallery North in Setauket

Gallery North is a quaint little art studio and gallery in historic Setauket. Located on a quiet discreet road overlooking grassy grounds, it truly is an artist’s paradise.  Gallery North is a not-for-profit gallery which showcases the works of artists from Long Island and nearby areas. It’s also the home of ArtVenture, a program that helps to foster budding artists.

Upon entering the building where the ArtVenture classes are held, one immediately notices an intimate space filled with the work of the children hung upon the walls.

Long Island Mamas was given an opportunity to attend an ArtVenture camp class. The ArtVenture session was for three days, once a week for a four hour long day. The day flew by between doing artwork, enjoying lunch on the outside grounds and a little playtime.

Class started with each student drawing three pictures, a monkey, an apple tree and themselves. The pictures of themselves were used to introduce each other to the rest of the class. This sessions project was to create a place or a world. Some students made an ocean world with mermaids and sea creatures, a pirate world or a rainbow world. At least one part of the project had to be moveable.  On the last day of camp the art projects will be used to create a short movie.

The instructor, Julia, easily tapped into the imagination of the students and inspired them to seek out their creative sides.  She was extremely friendly and supportive.  By the end of the first day, each young artist had begun to create a unique world. After visiting just this one day, my daughter was signed up for ArtVenture Camp.

The Gallery offers three different ArtVenture Programs for varying age groups as well as workshops for adults.  Be sure to check out the website for session dates and times.

Gallery North – ArtVenture
Where: 90 North Country Road Setauket, NY
Contact info: 631.751.2676


By Tara Arichabala



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