July Mom of the Month – Catherine Glasgow O’Connor

Long Island Mamas is pleased to announce the July Mom of the Month, Catherine Glasgow O’Connor of Middle Island, for her contributions to families on Long Island.

In the last 11 years, Catherine’s life changed tremendously due to unforeseen circumstances. The stay at home mother of four children ranging in ages 14 months to 9 years found her passion to help families in Long Island during her quest to help alleviate her husband Kevin’s health issues.

Kevin, a NYC police officer who had worked at Ground Zero, began suffering from health problems due to the 9/11 terror attacks. He eventually left the NYPD to work in Long Island’s Suffolk Parks, but was then run over by an ATV.  This accident left him out of work and burdened with many medical bills.

Doctors diagnosed Kevin with the nerve disorder Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). The condition left him in constant pain, and traditional health care methods proved ineffective. Upset and disheartened, Catherine knew that she needed to step up to the plate.

Catherine began utilizing more holistic methods to treat her husband. Over time they changed their diet and eventually stopped taking the medications that were not working.  This lifestyle change was drastic, and she didn’t know others who followed something similar.

That’s why Catherine was thrilled to learn about a chapter of the Holistic Moms Network in Northport from her pediatrician.  Catherine said that at the Holistic Moms Network she “found her tribe.” While she loved it and felt that she finally met people who were like her, she knew it was just too far away from home.

As such, she decided to start the Lake Grove Chapter of Holistic Moms to help other families in her area. She went through extensive leadership training via the Holistic Moms Network. She learned so much and says that all of this new knowledge and lifestyle change has resulted in making her family and others on Long Island much healthier.

She followed up by going to school for Holistic Medicine and has since learned to make her own natural medications, creams, and more.  As of now she makes them just for friends and family, but she hopes to one day make it into a business.

In addition to founding her local Holistic Moms Network chapter, Catherine is Reiki certified and teaches at Circles Now.  Catherine is also an Iridologist — Iridology is based on the theory that health changes are seen as actual, physical changes in the iris, therefore, iris reading allows  Catherine to identify potential causes of problems.

Outside of the health arena, Catherine is the co-owner of Creative Heirlooms where she makes and teaches classes on how to create DecoStars. Through all of this, she still manages to put her family first. She loves to spend time with her children and is a troop leader for both of her daughters troops.

Congratulations Catherine, for representing Long Island Mamas’ July Mom of the Month!


By Tara Arichabala

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