The Animal Farm Petting Zoo in Manorville

The Animal Farm Petting Zoo in Manorville is a fun way to spend a leisurely afternoon surrounded by small animals, nature and the farm that feels like family. The over 30 year old farm is publicly supported and shelters unwanted animals.

Enter through the gift shop where the staff greets everyone with a friendly hello. Milk bottles and feed for animals can be purchased at the store on the way in. Try to go in the morning before the animals have had enough for the day so that they’ll still be hungry – don’t want to disappoint the kids!

Set on several acres, the farm has a nice layout, shaded areas, picnic tables, and a bridge over a duck pond. Kids enjoy bottle feeding baby goats, lambs, and pigs. They can also hold baby bunnies, guinea pigs, and chicks in the Spring. Many of the newborns are available for adoption.

The park has roosters and chickens roaming freely. Visit with small monkeys that stare wistfully at visitors. Gape at the giant turtles or try to count how many smaller turtles are in the pond. Run along side a chicken or rooster. Marvel at the exquisite colors of the parrots. See if the peacocks have their feathers opened.  Stick a hand through the fence to have a goat or deer nuzzle it. Imagine what it’s like to ride that large dromedary camel that is staring over the fence. Animals give the kids a new perspective and are a great experience in learning compassion.

Quaint with an old fashioned feel, the Animal Farm is a pretty country spot to spend a few hours with the family. There’s nothing like seeing the kids laugh, squeal, and smile as they bottle feed newborn goats with all the other goats vying for their attention.

Besides the animals, there’s a separate popular safari tour “train” that circles the park and costs $3 a ticket. There are also a handful of small old fashioned rides for the younger kids for $0.50 each. Additionally, a small turtle train ride, pony rides, and a musical puppet show are included with the entrance fee. They also offer several “animal encounters” throughout the day for a more up-close and personal adventure.

A small trike track plus two playgrounds (one on sand) offer the kids some time to play in between visiting the animals and parents a chance to sit and relax amidst the loud baas, cock-a-doodle-doos, and other farm sounds. Kids really love to hear the animals “talk” and many run around making their own animal sounds at the creatures.

Picnic areas are available for families to bring in snacks or buy at the stand which offers hot dogs, ice cream, chips, and a few more items. Visitors pass through the gift shop again to leave, and it’s a great place to pick up a token gift, animal farm shirt or animal novelty for the kids. It’s themed with mainly animal gear and small souvenirs.

Where: 296 Wading River Road, Manorville, NY
10 am-5 pm weekdays and 10 am-6 pm weekends (weather permitting)
How Much:
$13.50 adults, $11.50 children ages 2-16/seniors
Contact Info:

By Debra Ferrie

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