Vegetarian Restaurants on Long Island

Looking for vegetarian restaurants on Long Island? Vegetarianism has had a surge in popularity over the years as more and more people feel being a vegetarian is a healthier and more eco-friendly route to go. Whether a person chooses to be a vegetarian for religious, political, health or taste reasons, there’s a growing number of vegetarian restaurants on Long Island to choose from. Here are some of our favorite places to get a healthy, tasty, and affordable vegetarian meal.


New Hyde ParkMadras Woodlands
Featuring traditional and authentic East Indian fare, Madras Woodlands has been known as THE place to go for Indian fare on Long Island. With made to order dishes, flavorful and exotic aromas, and a strict vegetarian menu, this vegetarian restaurant is sure to delight anyone who enjoys a tasty meal. If feeling wary about hot and spicy foods, don’t fret because Madras Woodlands will adjust the heat depending on an individual palette’s preference. With traditional Indian decor, patrons get a lesson in Indian culture as well as a tasty, very affordable meal.

Where: 1627 New Hyde Park Road, New Hyde Park
, NY
Contact: 516-326-8900

Port Jefferson
- Tiger Lily Cafe
Offering a wide variety of unique, fresh, made on the premises vegetarian dishes, wraps, and sandwiches, Tiger Lily Cafe has a little something for everyone.  Tiger Lily Cafe is a casual, eclectic cafe with great local music, art, and the freshest produce. Customers will find specialty salads (or create their own), ethnic dishes, and many alternative vegetarian recipes. Tiger Lily Cafe is extremely sensitive to those with food allergies, sensitivities, and dietary restrictions which makes them ideal for anyone concerned about cross contamination. They also feature  a Java Bar as well as fresh smoothies and juices in a energetic atmosphere. If looking for a flavorful meal in a hip, fun, spot, look no further than Tiger Lily Cafe, located in the heart of Port Jefferson Village.
Where: 156 Main St., Port Jefferson, NY
Contact: 631-476-7080


Sayville- Cornucupia Looking for a quick, delicious vegetarian bite to eat? This one part grocery store, one part casual cafe and deli has numerous freshly made vegan and vegetarian dishes. With many unique and flavorful dishes, as well as made to order salads, wraps, and hot soups, you’ll be sure to find a vegetarian dish to satisfy your appetite. Casual, self serve seating as well as take out available.
Where: 39 N. Main Street, Sayville
Contact: 631 874-9330

Seaford – Long Island Vegetarian Eatery
A unique and fast paced cafe, this vegetarian restaurant features take out and fast food service. With delivery available, this vegan/vegetarian spot is convenient, tasty, and offers a wide variety of menu options. From appetizers to entrees, and both hot and cold picks, patrons will find a satisfying non-meat menu to suit their needs on the go.
Where: 3601 Merrick Rd., Seaford, NY
Contact: 516-785-5483


St. James - Feel Goods Cafe
While not completely vegetarian, Feel Goods Cafe offers a huge selection of tasty, vegetarian, and vegan options. With a wide range of menu choices from their specialty “edgy” burgers to salads and wraps, this casual establishment is a great place to dine for anyone looking to have a wholesome, natural meal. They welcome substitutions, and offer many organic and allergy friendly options.
Where: 412 North Country Rd., St. James, NY
Contact: 631-390-8545


By Michelle S.

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