Hooray for PlayHooray Mommy and Me Classes

When it comes to Mommy and Me classes it can be hard to find one that fits certain criteria. One major need is to have the class at a nearby location. Many parents find that if it’s too far away, it’s not worth their effort to attend. That’s why PlayHooray is so convenient — with class locations widely available, parents will be able to find PlayHooray Mommy and Me classes that fit their needs.

PlayHooray, established in 2001, is a fun-filled music and movement program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and the grown-ups that love them. Its goal is to provide the opportunity for parents and their children to sing, dance, march, and PlayHooray together. One main component of the class is the very cute Molly Mouse who introduces and ends each class as well as encourages children to participate. Children will soon get excited every time Molly Mouse comes out of her little house.

The classes are filled with music and interactive toys and stories. They are catered to the children’s age group, and every class differs just enough that they will leave parents and their children wondering what will come next. Though there are some differences, participants can count on Molly Mouse to bring back the familiarity.

PlayHooray programs are held at libraries and preschools across Long Island and at Once Upon A Treetop in Plainview, which means parents can find PlayHooray throughout Long Island. Be sure to check out local library listings to see if they offer classes. If parents don’t find a class time they like, then PlayHooray can come to a child’s party instead.

PlayHooray brings families a wonderful environment to interact with each other and socialize with other parents and children. Best of all, it’s easy to find a class nearby. With music, fun, stories, and more, parents and their children won’t be disappointed.

To find locations, please visit www.playhooray.com.


By Jen Rodakis

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