Mom of the Month – Heather Londrigan

Happy Mothers Day to all of the Long Island Mamas readers.  To celebrate moms all over Long Island, we’ve decided to feature  a Mom of the Month!  Every month another mom will be showcased.  Who says mothers day should only be once a year?!  Our very first Mom of the Month is Heather Londrigan.

Heather Londrigan is one of the most motivational women we know. People know her as an active woman, always on the go and with a smile on her face. The former personal fitness trainer also has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Then one day, everything changed. A week before her wedding, an aneurysm in the base of her spine spontaneously burst, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.

Many people would have given up on their futures, but Heather pulled through the situation to make the best of a terrible situation. She married her fiance and together are raising their two beautiful children in Mt. Sinai, NY.

When Heather’s youngest daughter hit that critical age where they didn’t understand why she was in a wheelchair, Heather volunteered to visit her first grade class to explain. Her daughter was angry, sad, and confused by her injury, and Heather tackled the issue head on.

When she went to her daughter’s class, she was welcomed by the kids and addressed their curiosity.

“They were so embracing of me and asked great questions,” says Heather. She continues, “Wish they could stay so sweet and open forever. Was already touched by how many hugs I got when I arrived, but was blown away by the hugs I got as I was leaving. My daughter came home with letters from them all and I was crying.”

Heather explained that she addressed her daughter’s class because she wanted them to grow into understanding adults. If was the one to make them understand that a disability did not define a person, then she felt she had done something well with her life.

In addition to raising her children, Heather utilizes her masters degree in Art Therapy and gives back to others by helping severely emotionally disturbed children and adolescents. She most recently worked with adults with traumatic brain injuries.

Heather actively volunteers in her community with her two girls and husband. Each year they help to collect turkeys for the Blessing R Us food drive. Last year she collected enough turkeys to provide 28 local families with a Thanksgiving dinner. She strives to teach her children that helping others and being considerate to everyone regardless of their situation is essential to ones character. Leading by example, her daughters have learned to love volunteering and how helping others can be impactful.

Despite the physical hurdles, Heather’s positive attitude to overcome her disability is inspiring to all. Her actions prove that one woman, one mom, can make a difference.


By Tara Arichabala

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4 thoughts on “Mom of the Month – Heather Londrigan

  1. Debra Ferrie

    Heather, you are an inspiration to all Moms and your family is blessed to be led by such a fantastic example. Your girls are as beautiful as you are too!

  2. Christine Barnhill

    I have the incredible honor to know Heather and there is not anyone that deserves being Mom of the Month (or the YEAR) more! Her dedication to her children, her family and her community shines through in everything that she does. I am honored to call her my friend! Love you Heather! <3 ~ Christine

  3. Candace Donin

    Heather has made such an impact on me. Of course I admire how she rose above her injury….but most importantly, I love the way she parents! She is so open and honest with her girls, is frank and caring in her words and loving in her actions. Her girls emulate all that is wonderful in Heather. One has Heather’s qualities of a huge, mushy heart and eagerness for justice for all mankind. The other has Heather’s quiet strength and perserverance!! Both are beautiful girls and wonderful friends. Heather, you and Jeff are to be admired and commended! I LOVE YOU!

  4. Elaine Strauss

    Heather has been my best friend for twenty years. I am so happy to see her recognized in this article. She truly is an inspiration and her daughters as lucky to have her as a mom as she is to have them. Beautiful article!!

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