Sneak Peek at Mamas Expo Family-Friendly Vendors

In just a few days on Saturday, May 5th, the exciting and cool Mamas Expo will be taking place at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. We have tons of vendors coming to show parents their latest and greatest products. We’ve listed them in our Look Book, and here are some highlights.




Family-owned Dolphin Organics makes natural and organic personal care products for children. The product line includes baby shampoo & body wash, hair conditioner, baby lotion, baby bubble bath, travel set, and gift baskets. All of these natural and organic baby products are vegan, hypoallergenic, and free of parabens, sodium benzoate and all harsh chemicals. Dolphin Organics features innovative labels that list in columns every ingredient, and then marks each as organic, natural, or artificial – of course there are no checks next to artificial.

Polkadot What is a new brand for girls ages 2 to 10 years old that features adorable mix and match leggings. Girls express themselves by picking and choosing meaningful prints to create what they want. For example, a girl may love hearts so she chooses that design for the left leg of her leggings. Then she decides that she wants stars so she picks that design for her right leg. Now she has customized leggings that uniquely express her own style.

Put some spice into cooking! Chulita’s Famous is a Latin gourmet company that makes delicious all-natural, authentic sofritos and spices. This local company omits artificial additives and preservatives from its products. Chulita’s Famous Latin seasonings includes Sofrito Verde, Sofrito con Spices, Adobo Sabroso, and Sazon con Sizzle. Try these out at the Mamas Expo!

Living in New York City, growing an own organic garden is pretty challenging in the concrete jungle. can help as they’ll deliver fresh, healthy organic food directly to your home. Customers simply select the organic foods they want, and presto! Fresh organic food arrive at your door.

The Joovy 4×4 Ride-On is every kid’s dream toy – who wouldn’t want to hop into one of these fun battery powered vehicles? Little ones will have so much fun zooming around the yard and feeling like they’re driving just like mommy and daddy. How does it work? The 4×4 Ride-On has a power on/off key and a simple forward and reverse switch.  It can go a low speed of 2.5 MPH and a high speed of 5 MPH using an accelerator pedal. Super fun!

Check out these businesses and more at the Mamas Expo. Haven’t gotten tickets yet? There’s still time to purchase them. Just visit the NY Hall of Science website at to reserve your ticket.

By Maria Adcock





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