Specialty Salons for Children’s Haircuts on Long Island

Taking children to get their haircut can be challenging especially if they are young. Big salons may intimidate or scare them, and no parent wants their child to have a crooked haircut! Parents can alleviate some of the stress for themselves and their children by taking them to salons tailored specifically for little ones. Here are some of our favorite specialty salons for children’s haircuts on Long Island.


Kidz Kutz
With four mall locations throughout Long Island, Kidz Kutz is a fun place for children’s haircuts. As hairdressers do their work, children can sit in a taxi cab, fire truck, police car or a big chair like mommy while watching cartoons on the television.
Where: Locations in Sunrise Mall, South Shore Mall, Roosevelt Field Mall. and Green Acres Mall.
How Much: Starts at $12
Contact Info: (516) 795-0037


Little Star Children Salon & Unique Toys
Offering children’s haircuts as well as adult cuts for parents, Little Star also sells unique toys and accessories and will hold glamour parties for children.
14 School Street, Glen Cove, NY 
How Much:
Starts at $16 for children
Contact Info:
(516) 759-7061


North Country Kids Family Hair Salon
This family-friendly salon is a special place where children and their parents can get their haircut at the same time. Kids from infants and beyond are welcomed. The salon also offers other services such as French braids and up-do’s.
100 North Country Rd, Miller Place, NY 
How Much:
Starts at $14 for children
Contact Info: (
631) 331-4247


Zippity Doos
With three convenient locations, Zippity Doos is a fun experience for children whether it’s their first haircut or they’re repeat customers.  Upon arrival children can pick where they want to sit — the Barbie car, Jeep car or Lightning McQueen car. They can watch their favorite cartoons or play video games while getting their hair cut.
Locations in Huntington, Roslyn Heights, and Merrick
How Much:
Contact Info:
Huntington (631) 425-1254, Roslyn Heights (516) 625.3730, Merrick (516) 867-9339


By Pamela Boccia

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