Ways to Honor and Celebrate Memorial Day Around Long Island

Memorial Day is a day where families all over the country come together to remember the fallen heroes who have fought in the Vietnam War. Planning a fun filled Memorial Day? Turn it into a road trip with the entire family! Here are a few ideas to celebrate Memorial Day around Long Island.



Bay Shore Memorial Day Parade
Start the day by going to the Bay Shore Memorial Day parade to remember those who fought for freedom. Who doesn’t love going to a parade? The parade starts at 10 am at Lanier Lane and Main Street in Bay Shore.
Where: Lanier Lane and Main St., Bayshore NY
Contact info: (631) 665-7003

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Calverton National Cemetary
Next, drive on over to Calverton National Cemetery to honor the many fallen veterans. Be sure to look for the flags planted by the Girl Scouts near the headstones. Take a walk on the memorial pathway which is lined with memorials that honor the veterans.
Where: 210 Princeton Boulevard Calverton, NY
Contact info: (631) 727- 5410

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
On the way back, stop by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Bald Hill. There is a memorial commemorating all the men and women who had served in the Vietnam War. It is an amazing and beautiful site.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Bald Hill, County Road 83, Farmingville, NY
Contact info: (631) 854-4949

By now it is time for the traditional Memorial Day barbeque. Decorate the picnic table in red, white, and blue and get ready to eat a delicious Memorial Day meal.  Check out Long Island Mamas Recipe of the Month for a great suggestion!  A family favorite treat are the Memorial Day Pretzel Sticks — dip them into melted white almond bark or white chocolate and then dip in red and blue sprinkles. This is a perfect job for the kids.

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If there is still time and the kids are awake, visit the local bakery to purchase some red white and blue cookies and drop them off at a local senior center such as the Atria Senior Living Center (locations throughout Long Island). There are often veterans of war living these centers.

After a fun fill day honoring veterans and celebrating the holidays, return home with big smiles!


By Tara Arichabala


Flag Image: creativedoxfoto / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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