New Oh My Girls (OMG) Healthy Living Center for Girls in Syosset

Oh My Girls (OMG) in Syosset is a new one of a kind healthy living center for girls ages 6-18.  Co-Founders Lisa Rosen and Claire Lieber-Saul wanted to create a place where girls can learn to be comfortable, competent, and confident. Their programs teach girls about sustaining fitness throughout life, the nutritional value of foods, and how to make their favorite foods healthier.

OMG classes typically have no more than 12 girls and are broken into like age groups so girls can socialize and interact with their peers.  Cell phones and other devices are left in a bin at the beginning of class and are not allowed to be used.

In the OMG fitness room, experienced instructors expose girls to classes such as Yoga, Zumba, and CardioJam. Classes are kept upbeat and fun throughout.  Proper stretching techniques as well as correct instruction are of utmost importance.  Mother-Daughter Yoga classes are offered for a unique bonding experience.

The commercial grade kitchen is where girls are supervised as they measure, chop, and mix ingredients needed to cook a healthy meal from scratch. The instructors teach the value of natural ingredients and healthy cooking.  Gluten Free meals are offered in specific classes, and in all others, ingredients can easily be substituted for most meals.  For girls who are vegetarians, many meals can be adapted to accommodate.  Girls are encouraged, but never pressured, to try all the foods cooked even if they think they don’t like a particular ingredient.  At the end of class, girls are given copies of the recipes they just cooked so that they may share with family and friends and continue the healthy lifestyle at home.  Parent & grandparent cooking workshops are also offered for a special day together.

The facility has a circular We Chat room where girls can sit and socialize or do their homework.  Special workshops are often held in the We Chat room to promote face to face participation with others.  Workshop topics include bullying prevention, college preparation, self-defence, and skin care.

Also available is an Organic Smoothie Bar.  Girls will find some favorite ingredients such as raspberries, strawberries, peaches, and bananas.  There are also unique ingredients like kale and spinach which provide nutritional benefits without altering the flavor of the smoothie.  If girls are looking for an extra boost they can use a Mix-In like chia seeds, cacao powder, protein powder or almonds.  Certain combinations of ingredients can help them relax, help their complexion or even be a brain boost so that they will perform better on tests.

While no peanuts are used, Oh My Girls is NOT a nut-free facility.  There is a specific nut free blender for the smoothie bar, and nut free meals are offered.  Thorough cleaning practices are used in the kitchen for the best possible gluten removal from utensils, plates, as well as pots and pans.

Birthday parties are all inclusive from invitations to candles.  Party options include a single option of fitness, cooking or baking, or a combination of options.  And of course the organic smoothie bar is included in all packages.  As a bonus, girls can customize their own birthday menu if a cooking option is chosen.  Packages for a 1 ½ hour party begin at $325 for 14 girls.

For class sessions, there is an annual registration fee of $50.  Classes, when enrolled for a full session, range from $25 to $35 per class.  Walk-ins are possible, with rates ranging from $30 to $40 per class.  Cooking classes require three days’ notice to ensure there is enough food available for all girls.  Oh My Girls is also offering a 6 week minicamp program which runs 3 days a week for 3 ½ hours per day and includes fitness, cooking, creative art workshops, and a make your own organic smoothie.

Oh My Girls is open Monday thru Friday from 3 pm to close. They are also open Sundays for Workshops, Birthday Parties and other special events.

OMG – Oh My Girls!140 Jericho Turnpike, Syosset, NY 11791
(516) 802-5800

By Pamela Boccia

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